Sunday, February 7, 2016

New items, New events!

Goth1c0 is taking part in the new round of Totally Top Shelf. For this round i made a pair of sexy tall platform boots in black leather. Rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi: Totally Top Shelf

Next event is the new round of Thrift Shop Love and Hate version. This is a discount event, everything is 50% or less :) since is love and hate theme, i made some cute long sweaters with white shirts, they got colorful hearts with wicked text. 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi to Thrift Shop 12.0

I have out too a new gacha in this event too. Dark Quote Wooden Hearts for wall decor. They include a resize script so you can adjust the size easily. Transfer, no copy, no mod. Collect them all and trade with your friends :D

And lastly, im a sponsor for the Jack or Jill hunt, on the male path. I have a gift for you guys! Yeaaah!! Don't miss the other stores included in this hunt, amazing gifts from many of them. T-shirt and black pants in 5 standard sizes.

TP Goth1c0
More info: Jack or jill-5.0 Website

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New items for Suicide Dollz

Exclusive items for the new round of .:Suicide Dollz:. rigged mesh skirt with suspenders and top.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

More events during August!

Gacha items for The Little Sideshow Event.  Themed Tales from the Crypt. 10 regular or commons coffin rings and 9 rare ones. Transfer, resize script included.

TP to: The Little Sideshow

System tees with appliers. All layers included. Omega, Maitreya, Physique and Tango lolas appliers included. 10 colors to pick from. 50% off during the event. Available @ the Thrift Shop 10.

TP to The Thrift Shop 10

Rigged mesh goth boots. 5 standard sizes. Black Leather boots with belts. 50% off during the Thrift Shop event.

TP to The Thrift Shop 10

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dark fantasy gowns available at various events

Exclusive item for Illusion Point monthly event. 20% off at least on every item in the event. Opens on the 24th. Rigged Mesh sexy long gowns in 5 standard sizes and 8 colors to pick from. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Tp to Illusion Point

Rigged Mesh leather gown in 5 standard sizes. Copy, mod, no transfer. Available at Totally Top Shelf new round, themed Royals. 

 Rigged fantasy tunic in 5 standard sizes, copy, no mod, no transfer. Available at the new round of We love RP.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

CarnEVIL, Suicide Dollz and The 100 Block event still going on!!

Rigged mesh tank tops in 5 standard sizes. 10 different prints. Copy, no mod, no transfer. Only 69L each. Available @ the new Carnevil round. Still some days to find them available!
Taxi to CarnEVIL

Unrigged mesh boots w/ controller HUD, 8 plaid textures to pick from and resizer option included. Available at the new Suicide Dollz round. This round just started and there is a ton of dark items you don't want to miss.
Taxi to Suicide Dollz

Exclusive item for The 100 Block Event.  Rigged pants in 5 standard sizes. 8 prints to pick from. Male pants in different fabrics. No mod, copy, no trasnfer.

More news to come, stay tuned! :)

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Items updated with appliers!!

I been updating some of the layer clothing that i have out at the store. The appliers i work with are Omega, Maitreya, Slink Physique body, hands and feet, Lolas and Phat Azz. The updated items have on the pic the logos of the new appliers. If you bought the items and you want some of this appliers, send me a nc. In the nc include a pic of the folder with the items inside or with you wearing the item you want the appliers for and i will send them, no charge extra.

Here are some of the updated ones. I will keep adding appliers to the rest of the items as soon as i can. If you want any other applier i have not listed here, please send me a nc with this so i can get them.

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Luck of The Irish Gacha Event!

We have 2 gachas over there, both new ones and very cute. Doll head bows and neck collars with chains. Both can be found in the lowest level. Don't miss this great collection of gachas from many designers around SL.

The Kawaii headbows comes in many colors and you can go for the rare, the ultra rare or the commons, they are all super cute. Collect them all or trade with friends :)

8 colors for commons, 8 colors for rares. The rares have a brocade texture and the commons are plain colors. All come in an oscure selection of tones and golden chain. Perfect for any gothic, dark, nu goth or elegant look.

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