Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nocturnal Sonata V.2 @ Goth1c0

I been revamping some of the old EGL, this one is the third one. Is a collection of several dresses in many colors, they have a lot of details....socks, bloomers, top with sculpted sleeves, flexi skirt with sculpted ribbon and resize script to make the fitting easier. Comes in all layers and some pieces are mod and copy.

The last release was for guys some mesh long sleeved tees with several cool designs and they come in the 5 standard sizes. I have a demo so you can try them before buying. 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goth1c0 for guys!!

So finally!!! i finished this tees, they are long sleeved tees loose fit. I made 10 different designs. You can try the demo to see if you like the fit. They come in 5 sizes, standard ones (xl, l, m, s, xs) and alpha layer.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Goth1c0's March Group Gift

March Group Gift
Dark Seducer in gold: Mesh corset in 5 standard sized plus pants in 2 layers with sculpted cuffs.

The vendor for the group gift is near where the lucky chairs are, on the back of the store, near the accessories area. Some people asked me why i didn't set it nearest to the entrance, order for the script to work i have to set the piece of land where it is to the group of Goth1c0, the rest of the land is deeded to my personal land group. And on that side i used to have the entrance of the store. I cant move right now that little piece of land to another place cus im capped in my land holdings. Soooo for now it will stay there, plus you get to see all of the rest of our creations while you visit, right?

Stay tuned more comming this way....and more for guys too!!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 years in SL!! :O

So a month ago i turned 8 years, yeah...somehow i lost the count and i really thought i was turning 7 not 8, so it was like a shock and like a surprise hehe. But well i been working and creating in SL since day one, what brought me into sl was a friend amazed of all you could build there. If i look back, even if we didnt have sculpts, flexi or mesh, building things was so much fun and relaxing. Never thought i would still be in SL building and having fun 8 years later.

So since building and creating is a huge part in my second life, i'm watching old pics and old creations and is so different now. I want to list some of my favorites. This is just a taste of what i have done the past year, since many of my old pics got lost when my hard drive burnt. Oh the memories :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New release @ Goth1c0 and group gift

Dark Seducer is a very sexy dark set with mesh corset in 5 standard sizes (XL, L, M, S, XS) and pants with bondage rings and sculpted cuffs. They come in 2 different layers (pants and underpants). 6 different colors to pick from. 

And the best part of this all is....i put up one as March group gift, is going to be up just for some days so, hurry and go pick up your Dark Seducer in gold, you need to wear the group tag in order to get it ;)


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Also im part of the Twisted Spring Hunt 2013 Delirium, and the gift is a spine bone rosary and its unisex :) just till the end of this month people, so come come and pick all of this up!

Monday, March 11, 2013

This month events @ Goth1c0!!

So the Whore Fair 2013 is still going on and is has been a very nice event. I got a lot of good feedback from it so if you havent visited yet, dont miss out!! If you want to go visit the fair, come into my inwolrd store and click on the poster at my wall, you'll get the LM's.

I made a black little sexy dress with the back naked, the dress has a rigged mesh tall neck with a twist, cus it covers the mouth too, kinda like a mask. It comes with black gloves too and a cute very little thong and some multi garters.

Also i made some tees that has a garter under them and the idea came from this trend of wearing little tees with big boobs so to not let them scape from under the tee i put a garter that goes all around the chest and back holding the tee down hehe. Clever idea uh? Hope you like it.

Besides this event im in the Twsited Spring 2013 hunt and the theme its Delirium. I made a goth rosary with a upside down cross, the beads are made from a spine and it has a skull and other sculpted details. Really liked this one.

Im making new items as you read this and im updating some of the old ones with the Tango appliers too. So keep tuned to find out more about all this :)

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