Tuesday, February 10, 2015

And some more news!!

For the new round of anyBODY the best event for appliers lovers. I made some special lingerie sets, perfect for this time. Wanna have a romantic Valentines with your SO? Then get on with your sexy and have fun!

TP to anyBODY monthly event

And my first time in the Carnevil :) i made some rigged mesh skirts in 5 standard sizes and plaid fabric. 8 colors to pick from.

Dont miss it, some very cool items here :)

Taxi to CarnEvil

Hope you like all the new items we have and don't forget we have lucky chairs, Riot vendor and we are constatly part of inworld hunts and inworld store sales. Visit us anytime!

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Lots of News!!

Last days of GENRE Celebration Round. Don't miss it if you have not visited, tons of amazing things from many of the best designers in SL. I have some heels with a controller HUD with many options. 10 fabrics and 4 metals. Everything is 100L. Only few days left for this one.


For the new round of Suicide Dollz, i have some cute mini crop tops with goth hearts on them as fabric. 8 corls to pick from. They come with bondage belts and chains. Rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes.

TP to Suicide Dollz

For ROMP Fresh Winter Fair i have something for your kinky side. First of some mask in 2 versions, metal or leather. They are unisex, mod and copy. And a metal collar. The theme was kinky but modern.

The collar is UNISEX too, copy and mod.
Taxi to ROMP Fresh Winter Fair