Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer comes to Goth1c0 and bitches too xD

Hey guys so long since i dont update here and i didnt even notice the background is broken v_v i keep redoing it and it seems it hates me hehe. Well but im here to talk of my latest release. I got 2 dresses...yeah for girls, nothing for guys this time. But ok on to the dresses.

First i made a brocade dress, its a summer dress in goth style hehe, it has cute ribbons on the top, laces to close it on the front and a big sculpted ribbon on the back. The skirt is longer and not so puffy as my other gothic lolitas, cus i made it thinking on summer, light dresses and fun. Well this is what i made. It comes in 7 colors, the fabric is rich and the colors are dark but they are perfectly gothy.

And then i made a super short mini dress inspired in some movie i was watching the other day, i just turned it up a bit to make it a bit punk. It comes in 10 colors, it has lace and a leopard fabric. The skirt is super short and super sexy. I called it "The Bitch" mwahaha hehe...Hope you like it.

Well for now is all i have, on other news...i closed my location in icewater, it was way too much work, i was paying for a lot of land and not really being able to keep with both stores. This will give me the chance to save time and only focus to one store and the satelite ones.

Have a great week guys, see ya soon.
Luv, Kei.