Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gothmas trees

Helloooo guys! After dealing with some problems with marketplace and now blogger....lets go unto what i got new, before something else happens. I made some goth trees or yule trees some time ago but i never got to update them with sculpted prims or new scripts, i was wanting to make some goth tree with certain cartoonish look for so long that i had to do them. So this is the result of it. They come in 2 different sizes and they are transfer, fully sculpted trees, with only 21 prims each, very low particles effects.

You can buy them in my marketplace store or my main store in world.

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Frozen Skull @ Twisted Krissmuss

So this year, as the same as the past ones, im part of the Twisted Krissmuss event. If you dont know of this event, well many merchants create new items and put them for sale for 100L, making them transfer, to supporting all the users in SL that wants to make gifts to their special someones or friends. There is a wide variety of items, from outfits to pets or skyboxes, so come to my store, click on the kiosk and get the LMs for the rest of the stores participating, you can check the flickr group too and see the items others are offering. I hope you enjoy this event as much as we enjoyed creating things for it.

Now unto the outfit. I made some courdoy pants and knitted sweaters. They come with sculpted parts that are modify. The sweater has tinny skulls knitted all around in different colors and they are 100L.

We are in with my furniture store too, Entity, that is next to my main store in gemmed. Come check what we got :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Even so, I thought i heard you near....

Skin: Curio Sundust Cupid-Lovelorn 2
Hair:.ploom. Tweedle White
Bra: Goth1c0: Sticky & Sweet Leather bra from
Skirt: Goth1c0: Corset mini skirt
Boots: Last Eden tall boots

TP to the store

Last days of the Depraved hunt, click on the sign in my store to find out about it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Twisted Hunt 2011

Im in, of course and it has been running for 9 days, so if you havent started hunting for the blurple cubes then go go now!!! The hunt will end at the end of september.

What i did for the Hunting is this fantasy outfit. I hope you like it!! Join the group of the Twisted Hunt if you havent and enjoy the madness of all the residents.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of news @ Goth1c0

First of all...for the guys, a biker jacket made in leather with metal details and a print logo on the back. Includes a resizer script for easy fitting. Sculpted parts: hem, neck, cuffs sleeves, belt.

Then i have for the girls a cuuute outfit, a hoodie dress with lots of sculpted details. Cords, a polaroid so you can include your favorite pic and show it around, safety pins, hoodie, tall neck, long sleeves. Comes in many colors and is mod/copy so you can change the pic on the polaroid everytime you want.

And finally a super short mini corset skirt with sculpted cords. Comes in many fabrics and colors. Is cute and sexy, and if you dont like to show your crack xD mix it with some long tanks or some hoodie, sweater...just something long and voila! a cute look!

I'll add all of this into the marketplace sometime soon, in the midtime you can find them in my mainstore. Hope you like all i made this week, im gonna be part of the Platinum hunt 2 this month and i made something for the guys, if you want more info on this, stop by at the store and click on the poster on the wall!! Keep tunned, i got more to come soon :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More leather...

For this week i have, snake leather pants with hand drawn belt and sculpted cuffs. 4 colors available (red, teal, black, white). Comes in all layers.

Ankle leather boots in 3 versions. Plain leather, silver studs and gold studs. Ankle lock system and resizer script included.

And then to complete the look, i made Rocker tees, 10 different tees that can be mixed with the snake leather pants or with a skirt or jeans.

You can find them in my main store or in marketplace here

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Punk rebel skirts....

I made some prim skirts, based on the previous ones but this time with many many details. First the belt is fully sculpted, i added a sculpted metal chain, bracers, keychain with flexi ends, kawaii skull botton, metal studs all around, metal letters on the back that reads "punk" and high quality textures with shadows, the tartan fabrics looks used and kind of dirty to give the skirt a more realistic look. 12 different tartan fabrics to pick from. I included a very easy to use, resizer script, to make the fitting easier. Also in the pack comes socks, garters and a cute thong all for an amazing price. You can try a demo at my main store here .

Friday, July 8, 2011

Love can be punk too...i say!!!


I made this cute short dresses with sequins and cute details on the front and they come in lots of colors and of course in all layers. The dress is tied up on the back with a sculpted ribbon that holds a safety pin in the middle and you have the option of wearing 2 safety pins too on the left boob hehe.

Detail on the front of the dresses

Find them at the store inworld here or at the marketplace here

Monday, June 27, 2011

Knitted shrugs...

Super short knitted shrugs, all layers available and many colors, you can mix and match it with your favorite pasties, shirt, top or tank.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Seek & destroy...

Super short dress that includes a shrug and gartered socks. Comes in all layers and 3 colors to pick from.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Goth1c0 is getting a revamp...

As i already said before, Goth1c0 is changing, and among this changes are our new store layout, new image, new looks, new promos. As part of this all, i asked my friend guestier Balut to make me some lamps for the store, they are amazing and i wanted to share them with you. He is helping me with the sculpts parts of the new outfits and he builds furnitures too, im honored to have him in my little furniture store Entity and this amazing lamps that he made for my store are now there or in his marketplace, if you want to get them gooo now!! :D

Check the pics so you see for your self his work :)

you can buy it here on marketplace or here inworld

you can get this one here at the marketplace or here inworld

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flirty Cotton tees & more

New release at the store, sided collar cotton tees with sculpted lower part, flirty and sexy. They come in many colors, perfect to match skirts, pants or jeans...i love them! The t-shirt comes in all layers possible. (Only one shirt in the pack, the tank is not included)

I want to thank all the people that contacted me to congratulate us for turning 6 yo in SL and thanks to all that joinned us while the sale lasted! hehe i hope you got nice deals and well if you're part of the lucky ones that found the items at 10L price that were spread around the store YAY!!! After the sale was done, i moved a lot of things in the store cus im changing the image of Goth1c0 a you can see even the blog changed hehe :D so...stay tunned, more changes items, new outfits!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feeling my vintage

Skinny jeans? charcoal color, with vintage designs over the pockets and sculpted cuffs. Shredded fabric and high quality details all over...check the pics! Three versions to pick from

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6th Anniversary

So we turnned 6 in SL OMYGOSH!!! yep, 6 years of creating dark couture in SL, we had have our ups and downs as most of the creators had, but i dont regret one single moment of them all, quiet a journey i might say. To celebrate with you all, we are having a sale so everything in the store is 50% off except the new outfit...only that one is not marked down booo hehehe but we have selected some items around the store and they have a special price....look for them, you will not regret it :D

We would not be able to stay for this long if it werent for all of you my shoppers, supporters of my creations and my spaz self, so big thanks to you all!! Lets see what the future holds for us, shall we?

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Rusher!!

Fabulouuuus outfit i tell you, all in leather with a very nice deconstructed ribbon over a hard collar with straps, many details and many options too...rush and get it!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Erm....kinda forgot about the blog eeeek! ok so im gonna put some sneak pics of my new project that i hope it will be out very soon.

On other things, i got some ims and notecards asking to resend some items, but for some reason i lost some of the notecards so if you are one of those pls send them again to me or to Ania Svarog and we will answer ASAP! I'm already looking for some system to redeliver automatically so if you know of one, lemme know :D

Ok unto the pics! stay tuned cus this is a rock star outfit!!! Let me point something, the undies you see are not mine, the black part of what you see is part of the outfit. So if want more sexy clothes, wait to see this one ;D

Monday, January 31, 2011

Twisted love @ Goth1c0?...

Im part of many events this next months. I got invited to the Clothing Fair of this year again and im super excited for this too. Some hunts and releases. Febraury is the love month and i know not everybody celebrates it or has someone to celebrate it with, but we dont need anyone to love ourselves and to celebrate that love. So to celebrate this time, i got help from a very good friend of mine guestier Balut :D and here is what we came up with...2 necklaces and i leave the pics to say everything (soon they will be available in the marketplace store too) "My heart and a kneedle and Sing me your sorrows", sculpted and highly detailed necklaces.

The Tainted Love Hunt from Feb 01th to Feb 28th, whose theme is everything but the nice romantic love St. Valentines Day celebrates; obsessional love, love of pain, loving someone to death, the love of the suicide pact, these are the types of themes this hunt explores. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted, and talented designers and builders in Second Life.

For this one i made a hoodie with a bleeding heart showing off from a ribcage. Simple message eh? and you get the idea...what is your tainted love? Do you have one?

Im part of the Dark Katz Hunt too, and it runs from Feb 05 to March 05. What im making for the hunt, not yet finished hehe so check later for the pics on what will the hunt item be.