Sunday, February 7, 2016

New items, New events!

Goth1c0 is taking part in the new round of Totally Top Shelf. For this round i made a pair of sexy tall platform boots in black leather. Rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi: Totally Top Shelf

Next event is the new round of Thrift Shop Love and Hate version. This is a discount event, everything is 50% or less :) since is love and hate theme, i made some cute long sweaters with white shirts, they got colorful hearts with wicked text. 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi to Thrift Shop 12.0

I have out too a new gacha in this event too. Dark Quote Wooden Hearts for wall decor. They include a resize script so you can adjust the size easily. Transfer, no copy, no mod. Collect them all and trade with your friends :D

And lastly, im a sponsor for the Jack or Jill hunt, on the male path. I have a gift for you guys! Yeaaah!! Don't miss the other stores included in this hunt, amazing gifts from many of them. T-shirt and black pants in 5 standard sizes.

TP Goth1c0
More info: Jack or jill-5.0 Website