Thursday, May 22, 2008

|I'm still alive....

A year later more or less im again posting here WOW how fast time flies, i cant believe it. You might wonder what happened here....well one, i had to take a rest from SL, the stress got me and other RL things piled up and really got me into this spiral of depression, anxiety and lots of more things. I been doing things for the store and trying to not let it die, if you have visited it lately, you can see what i mean. I havent done as much as i would like to, for several reasons...when i got back to SL i found that the amount of designers, stores, fashion blogs have not just duplicated, they grew like grass and now they are all around im AMAZED :O really and some of the new designers are just simply wonderful, speechless from some of the stuffs that i have found people has done in SL, really...i tell you this from the side and the point of view of a creator, i have to fight with textures, lighting, wrinckles, try to make the clothes more and more and more realistic, with sculpted prims, with amazing just really speechless and stressed v_v yesterday i was a bit down thinking...wth im doing in SL with all this new designers??? OMG how am i to keep going...yeah i know, a friend told me...dont read the blogs but i do it as a way to keep updated on what is going on, right? but im thinking its not good for me, so well...i should stop.

As for what i have done with the store, i rebuild it, cus i was running out of space...i bought a bunch of land in gemmed, but the design of the sim has this pierces around that allows you to walk, since the sim is a water sim. Those piers are Governor Linden owned, i cant build there and the sim is in a weird angle, plus the land has weird shapes. I was pondering on moving the store to a bigger plot of land i got...dunno if to do it or will find out soon.

Ok now to my latest creations...i have done a lot of things in the past months and i havent posted any of it, so go pee, drink something or bring something to drink while i display some of my latest creations ;D

In no particular order, cus i dont remmeber they are.

The Agent Provocateur, named after a band i just recently discovered...well i have heard some of their songs but i didnt know who they were v_v!!

Now here we have...Hell cat, Red Teaser, Black heart and Knitted Outfit :)

A Demoness Skin with 3 different make ups

Some goth skins with lots of make ups...

A im starting a new line of skins inspired in the living dead the first one:

Ophelia dress....Victorian dress with steampunk details...mix of a lot of things can wear it in several ways..lots of outfits from one dress :)

Some Gothic lots of colors

I'll keep updating later