Friday, September 26, 2008

Cyber hairs

I made 2 new hair styles with my cyber colored textures xD I had a lot of fun making them but i can tell you this, is a pain to do them. Never thought was so hard, but well im better doing them now than when i started.

One day i was in my store and i found Munchflower there with her guy, they came just to buy one of my first hairs, the riot one, and i have seen it in a lot of ads in stores, same as my necklaces, the feeling of watching my stuffs finishing the look of an outfit another designer made is great, really. And well Munch told me she saw some girl in a club wearing it and she had to ask for it cus she liked a lot. Isn't it amazing :D weee!! *does a little dance* hehe i keep getting asked to make more hairs, and im on that so keep an eye here, i will get them out soon!

Dia de Muertos

Now i made 2 new outfits, one is a coordinate with a very sexy top and a skirt with plaid fabric. It comes in 10 colors, included an orange one perfect for halloween :) It has gloves and stockings too. The belt is hand drawn and is super realistic, it has pins and zippers and a fishnet over the arms and hands.

all the colors here:

Now the Dia de Muertos dress, since Halloween is coming and here in Mexico we celebrate the Dia de los Muertos i wanted to make something on that theme, i made this cute dress with skulls details and mixing bright colors, the top comes in 2 layers jacket and shirt, i made short glitch pants and the skirt comes in 3 different versions. The dress is copy, mod and no transfer, very few things i make with this permissons but since i made different versions i decided this option was better. It comes in 6 bright colors...i hope you like them.

Here a pic of all the colors together :) i think they are super cute, i love this dress ^^

More Victorian dresses :)

You not going to believe it, but im super sad cus some months ago i had to made a back up of my hard drive, cus baka me thought my computer was having some sort of problem and this is why i couldnt upload things into SL or teleport or anything, so i decided after a lot of thinking, to erase my hard drive and start from fresh, i bought a new external hard drive to have all perfect. And well it seems in the transfering not all of my files got saved :'( so yeah there is things i was making that i will never finish cus i dont have the psd files, there is old outfits i wanted to revamp and i just dont have them anymore either. Bleh.

Well but unto the new things, i made the Ophelia dress in other colors cus i kept getting notecards of people asking me for it in white, blue, purple, etc, etc...and i am very glad that this files are still in my hard drive, i put a lot of work on this dress, maybe you can catch all the details it has on the fabric and the like, im very proud of it...sooooo people, here you have them :D Enjoy!!

And what about big chunky shoes?...

And since i was in a shoes mood kinda stage i made 2 gothic lolita cute big Mary Jean shoes. They have very high plataform, i love big shoes xD Well i was thinking what could i make for my gothic lolitas, cus i get asked a lot for shoes for them. So where you have them ^^

The mortaja one, has a tinny skull and a ribbon over it, the Harajuku version with colored details, sculpted stars, skulls and others things. Both have frilly flexy prims over them too. :) Arent this cute?

More goodies! Si señor...

I made this boots and they got recieved like wooow, im still amazed ^^ you dont have an idea how many times i remade them, including textures and the like.

They are all sculpted with high heels and high plataform, tons of belts and metallic bucklets, chains and the like. I called them Infernata cus they are sexy as hell, i love them with pants, or mini skirts, or even with latex outfits. For now i only have the black ones up in the store but i made them in other colors, soon i will post about them soon :)

And 2 years later...yeah :P

Eeeeek the last time i posted was so long ago gee, i tell ya, i suck at blogging. Ok so, i have been working a lot a lot.

I made some Elegant Gothic Aristocrat outfits, i called it Nocturnal Sonata, it has tons of details, heavy barroque fabric, colored details and tons of sculpted and prims details. It comes in several colors to pick from, i made all the textures wooo! Yeah they are all hand drawn. Go me lols.

So since i loved the dress, i made it on a suit for guys too or unisex if you arent too much into puffy skirts. They both have neck bows, sculpted prim neck and other things. Here the pics :)

The blood colored one:

The green one:

Im just posting example pics cus i could flood the blog with all the colors and it would be a line of pictures, so boring uh? Now unto the guys ones:

The purple one:

And the dark blue one:

They looked ultra goth, elegant and you can mix match the pieces with other outfits, that versatile they are mwahaha! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

|I'm still alive....

A year later more or less im again posting here WOW how fast time flies, i cant believe it. You might wonder what happened here....well one, i had to take a rest from SL, the stress got me and other RL things piled up and really got me into this spiral of depression, anxiety and lots of more things. I been doing things for the store and trying to not let it die, if you have visited it lately, you can see what i mean. I havent done as much as i would like to, for several reasons...when i got back to SL i found that the amount of designers, stores, fashion blogs have not just duplicated, they grew like grass and now they are all around im AMAZED :O really and some of the new designers are just simply wonderful, speechless from some of the stuffs that i have found people has done in SL, really...i tell you this from the side and the point of view of a creator, i have to fight with textures, lighting, wrinckles, try to make the clothes more and more and more realistic, with sculpted prims, with amazing just really speechless and stressed v_v yesterday i was a bit down thinking...wth im doing in SL with all this new designers??? OMG how am i to keep going...yeah i know, a friend told me...dont read the blogs but i do it as a way to keep updated on what is going on, right? but im thinking its not good for me, so well...i should stop.

As for what i have done with the store, i rebuild it, cus i was running out of space...i bought a bunch of land in gemmed, but the design of the sim has this pierces around that allows you to walk, since the sim is a water sim. Those piers are Governor Linden owned, i cant build there and the sim is in a weird angle, plus the land has weird shapes. I was pondering on moving the store to a bigger plot of land i got...dunno if to do it or will find out soon.

Ok now to my latest creations...i have done a lot of things in the past months and i havent posted any of it, so go pee, drink something or bring something to drink while i display some of my latest creations ;D

In no particular order, cus i dont remmeber they are.

The Agent Provocateur, named after a band i just recently discovered...well i have heard some of their songs but i didnt know who they were v_v!!

Now here we have...Hell cat, Red Teaser, Black heart and Knitted Outfit :)

A Demoness Skin with 3 different make ups

Some goth skins with lots of make ups...

A im starting a new line of skins inspired in the living dead the first one:

Ophelia dress....Victorian dress with steampunk details...mix of a lot of things can wear it in several ways..lots of outfits from one dress :)

Some Gothic lots of colors

I'll keep updating later