Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kissmuss 2009 event wooooo!!!

So i forgot to post about this (-.-) i know, i know *nods and crosses his arms* Keishii Roo baka, bleh *sighs* ok I'm part of the Kissmuss 2009 event, its a shopping tour where selected stores are participating, every designer in the event made an item..clothes, shoes, skins, whatever they wanted to create as a special item for this event, the item is transfer so you can give them as gifts and the price for the items is 100L, you can start at any point cus you get a folder with the LMs and a printed guide. The idea of the guys that organized this was to give to their customers nice things so they would be able to have xmas gifts for their special people in SL too, isnt it a genius idea? i think it is, so im part of it. Many of this stores have gifts aside of the item they created for this event and there is super cool things so dont miss it!!!

So onto what i made...i made pants, yes!!...raver pants with sculpted legs, stitches all around and lots of details and they come in lots of colors. They are 100 L and they are transfer so you can give them as gifts too, i hope you like them cus i loved this ones hehehe. Happy holidays people!!! :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

50 L wall and RL rant

So i took a pic of my 50 L wall, the items there will rotate so if you want some of them now is the time to get them for only 50L.

Here is the said picture of the wall.

Into other things, i dont usually rant about RL or SL...i stopped doing it quiet a long time, i dont even blog that much, i know im a bad blogger and im sure noone reads this but ok here is my rant. The economy in SL is going to the sink, at least for me it is, the reason is the world crisis or the amount of designers in SL or whatever. Well thing is SL is my RL income and right now im barely making it, last year i had a surgery and since i dont have medical insurance of any kind i had to pay that from my own pocket but since i couldnt afford to pay all i used 2 credit cards to cover the rest i coulnt pay with cash, well one year and 5 months later im still paying those bills and they are eating me up. I hate the fact that im just working to pay for that, no more buying cool things for Keishii, no more upgrading my computer or even getting it fixed =.=' the damn CD/DVD reader stopped working long ago and so the track pad so now i use my MBP with an optical mouse and i had to get used to work with a mouse, do things in SL with the mouse and draw and all in photoshop with said mouse. Easy task you might say but no, my brain took quiet a bit to get used and to stop wanting to click on the trackpad of my MBP. back to the billing and paying, im starting to have panic attacks almost daily, thinking i will not be able to pay for what i owe to the bank and is not funny cus they get increased by the fact that i suffer from depression and im not getting any medical treatment...ya know, i have enuff paying for the surgery bills right now to add the other thing. What i used to do to stop the panic attacks stopped working meh...any ideas what new thing i could do?. Cus i ran out of them.

I'm wondering what i can do to increase my sales to get rid finally of those bills, they are eating me up and im so tired of it cus its drainning all my energy off and i need that energy to keep creating things. I feel like all my creativity ran out of the window all scared of me :c . If anyone is reading this...and want to help me, i need suggestions on what to make or what im missing to do to get back on track. My brain seriously stopped working, im sure of that. Erm and thats all my rant for now, i dont like to rant about my RL bleh. Hope getting this out of my chest will help me somehow to find my way again. Sorry to drop this here...needed to tho.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tube skirts made it to Goth land....

I got to made what i wanted since long ago, a tube skirt...i was thinking on those tight elastic tops that some girls wear as a skirt too...well here they are in solid colors for now...i got some more with different fabrics and soon i will put them up too for now this ones...hope you like them!!! Come check them out in the store.

I updated my mobVendor and put the Sweet Vanilla EGL in it. See yas soon

Luv <3 Kei

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sexy, Sweet...and daring! new @ Goth1c0

Hellooo everybody, i got a release today woooo is not as i planned it but here it is...

First i made an EGL, it was for a hunt but i got requested to put it up for sale cus a lot of people skipped it so here it is, it has a tooon of details, i love really how it looks, its simple but yet sweet hence the name.

Next i have nipple bandaids, yeeees i made nipple tapes and they got decorations on them wooooo little skulls in different colors. Hope you like ;)

Now i got same nipple bandiads but in plaid texture OMG dont you love them? they come in 6 colors so mix-match with whatever you want and enjoy :D

Now my favorite of all of themthe bitch, sexy and daring!! Nuff said ;D

Now my version of the saint pants in zebra fabric...i made it in several colors so come check them at the store.

Finally i made a wall with discounted items, they are all at 50L some of my old items.

Come by the store to check all this out
Luv Kei

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes, yeees, you read right, everything is 50% off in my main store and i mean everything!! Woooot... Its my very first sale, OMG and it took me a bit to get all the prices right, but i did it, YAAAY! Skins are at 225 L each and fat packs are half priced! Now go visit my store and get some goodies cus some of the items will be put down for good. Hope to see you all over there, remember just click on the item and select pay, this way you will get the discounted price.

Have a good week people :D

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer comes to Goth1c0 and bitches too xD

Hey guys so long since i dont update here and i didnt even notice the background is broken v_v i keep redoing it and it seems it hates me hehe. Well but im here to talk of my latest release. I got 2 dresses...yeah for girls, nothing for guys this time. But ok on to the dresses.

First i made a brocade dress, its a summer dress in goth style hehe, it has cute ribbons on the top, laces to close it on the front and a big sculpted ribbon on the back. The skirt is longer and not so puffy as my other gothic lolitas, cus i made it thinking on summer, light dresses and fun. Well this is what i made. It comes in 7 colors, the fabric is rich and the colors are dark but they are perfectly gothy.

And then i made a super short mini dress inspired in some movie i was watching the other day, i just turned it up a bit to make it a bit punk. It comes in 10 colors, it has lace and a leopard fabric. The skirt is super short and super sexy. I called it "The Bitch" mwahaha hehe...Hope you like it.

Well for now is all i have, on other news...i closed my location in icewater, it was way too much work, i was paying for a lot of land and not really being able to keep with both stores. This will give me the chance to save time and only focus to one store and the satelite ones.

Have a great week guys, see ya soon.
Luv, Kei.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New leather pants, corsets and collars :D

So i have been working on some new things, i had a stage for gothic lolita dresses but now i wanted to make something more rocker and sexy. I made some leather pants with new texture, the waist is super low on the front making them super sexy, they are unisex and they come in several colors. I named them Giger just like the artist cus the texture reminded me some of his art.

i made too a set of collars, they were ready since some weeks ago but i was not sure of the pictures since i have been having a bit of a problems with the settings in SL to make the pictures looks good and my seems they dont speak the same language xD hehe. I finally put them up, here they are.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kawaii French Maid ~^.^~

So finally i got to make my first french maid dress, after making the keywatcher and having fun with the apron and all, i decided i wanted to put up a French Maid dress, classy but modern...antique but perfect for many things.

It comes in several colors and is full of details. The heavy long skirt makes it look fluffy but sweet, it has socks, bloomers, shirt, sculpted prim sleeves, sculpted neck with ribbon tie.

I put in my main store in gemmed and the one in icewater...Check them out :D

And finally, as spaz as i am, i lost the invitation for the Goth Fashion Fair, yeah i got it, i read it and then i dont know what i did with it. Yesterday night i found this other blog i was checking too and they mentioned it. Well i contacted both owners and im finally included in both...the SL Goth Directory and the Goth Fashion Fair.

My power was comming and going but i set up part of my booth...the Goth Fashion Fair will start on 1st May and will last till May the 17th. So dont forget to come and have a look, a lot of the best goth designers are participating and there is events, concerts and fashion shows. Dont miss it :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2009 Clothing Fair

This is the suits i made for the Relay for life of this year, you can find my booth on the sim called Gift of life. The clothing fair this year is Pirate themed, so get your shoes off, put on some bikini to help with the lag and walk around, there is a lot of special outfits for this fair and there is a lot of desginers participating. The clothing Fair is 9 sims long, 140 come check it out!! WOOT!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goth1c0 got blogged ^_^

And is an amazing post, it truely took my breath away cus Minx explained in a way i cant explain what SL means for many of us. Here is the link, go visit her blog, you will not regret this. Enjoy! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Gothic Lolitas? :o Super cute!!!

Hey guys i made some cute gothic lolitas with really bright colors, i love how this turned out. Check the pics. They have sculpted slveeves, sculpted neck and a huge ribbon on the back, a cute apron with a bag where it keeps the keys, a heart and a skull. The skirt is big and flexi with cute colorful details. I loved to make this one, so much that i ended up making it in more colors than the original idea i had hahaha lol. It has too, some cute undies and the price is amazing ;) Come check them out!

There is many more colors!! aint this super cute? i hope you like them as much as i do.

Keep tunned, SL is not working right now hah nothing new and i cant log in grrrr -.- but is perfect time to post here. This morning i got really scared cus someone went in my store and was using some kind of gadget, this person typed Goth1c0: access...and then get blk...cus they were wanting to buy one of the didnt work and they tried again...i got really scared, i contacted the guy at the end he explainned was some text gadget...gee, paranoid much? but you know after that guy copying my leather pants im more aware of all the cheating people is doing in SL. Bad enough cus i lose a lot of energy on that. But well...lets go back to the release...isnt it cute? Hope you like it.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*waves from under tons of drawings*

Hey all, so well i have been working on a lot of things, sometimes i feel like i do a lot but never seems enough...if you get what i meant. I rebuilt the store again cus i wanted to do a landing area and separate where the gift cards are now and the general info of the store, promotionals and the new items too, the idea was to have more order and make it easier to browse for everybody...dunno if i got it hehe. Im implementing a new gift cards system cus with the old system i was having a lot of problems. Soon it will be finished cus i have to add the scripts to all the vendors and ugh is time consuming i tell ya. Well into the releases now.

I have been getting a lot of IMs asking me when i will make the infernata boots in other colors. I made them in 6 colors and im still missed one color...duh me! Ok here some pics for them. Im not too sure of the green color but for now it will be there.

The red ones:

The white ones:

Then i worked on some collars, they are ready but im missing the pictures hehe, so you will have to wait a bit to see them.

Since long ago i have been wanting to make a j-rock outfit, i know i have done something similar to this style in the past but this time i wanted it more edgy to that style. So here it is, called the Nemesis with sculpted details, belts, metal pins and vynil texture. I love this outfit, i havent changed since i took the pics lol one of my favorites.

I made a gasmask to match this outfit, same as the nemesis it has belts and pins and metallic details and since i loved this one im thinking im going to make more hah i dunno yet :P for now i hope you all like it. I called it "The silent Mask"

I got more stuffs to release, im still working on the off i go and see you soon

Kei ;D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goth Rosaries arrive to Goth1c0 :o

Continuing with the prim work mood, i made this 2 rosaries...they come with 2 attachment options (chest and spine) so you can wear it with other necklaces or collars, i love to mix things and is a pain when you have to do the attaching part hehe, i know i hate it and it comes in 2 options too for guys and for gils.

One is with black bright big beads and a sculpted cross, is called "El Rosario de los Lamentos"

The other one is more into my culture, mexican...we mix religion and death..if you have seen the Dia de Muertos offerings, you know what i mean. This rosary is made with bone beads, sculpted skulls and other things. Same it comes in two attachment options and one for guys, one for girls. Make sure to pick the right one cus this are copy, transfer.

Inlove or with your heart broken?....

Well i was in the mood to work with prims, i havent done a lot of prim things lately and i find it really relaxing, after all the witch hunting with the guy that stole my things and the result of it well...i needed a break from photoshop and big things. So well i made this choker, it has sculpted details. I find the mixing of those elements very many times we give our heart and when things dont go so well, we feel like the world is ending (LOL i know exagerated) or that your heart is in pain...but then there is other times where you feel your heart so full and big that it could exploit hehe so yeah a mix of feelings, a mix of situations and my way of how in some blunt elements its to be inlove or to have your heart broken, depends on what side you are.

Hope you like it, as much as i do :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

About Releases and Thieves

The day started pretty well, i went to bed really late finishing all the vendors and doble checking permissons and all, i put up all my release in my main store, my shoes and my cute dress that you know what...i loooooove, is one of my favorites now hehe. Well i show you pics of them here. Its in 10 colors and all are fabulouuuus i tell ya!!

And the pumps are cute and punky and they come in a bunch of colors and right now they are on discount so come check them out.

DARK PUNK PRINCESS PUMPS in lots of bright colors...

DEAD PLAID with tinny skulls all around and a cute ribbon ;) in different colors too...

PUNK PRINCESS PUMPS in bright colors with black dots and flexi ribbons...

And now to the sad part, so when i was sending the notice in my group, a girl walked in my store, i had over my screen notecards, the group info tag and other things blocking my view, but a friend was there with me too and he noticed the pants she was wearing, he pointed out at me that they were my pants but modified, i quickly closed everything and panned my camera around to find said girl and when i saw OMG!! my heart stopped for a second i swear, the exact same texture they just changed details on the belt grrrrr!!! my leather pants -.-!!! well i asked my friend to IM her and ask where she bought them, inmediatly as i got the name of the store i tped there and waited to rezz just enough to see where they were selling pants, i found..i took 3 pictures of the place and i managed to buy one of the pants. After this, some seconds later i got banned from the land, my friend that was with me got banned too...i was GREEN, i swear, i was trying to sit on some prim cus my avi was bouncing over the land. So while i was clicking on prims around, i found the name of the girl as creator of one of the stuffs there doble OMFG!!! so i asked my friend to IM her again cus for my bad luck they dont speak english...and he got other 3 people IMing him and accusing him for harrashing said girl, fortunately with all this i found out there was a group of creators, the store was full of other people stolen stuffs and well they gave me enough proofs to fill the DMCAs i need to fill. Besides of getting one of the items they stole from me. At the end, after a lot of arguing, a lot of threats with getting us reported with the Lindens for harrashment...*bangs head* the idiots -.-! ....we came back to the land to take more pictures using alts and voila! store gone, i ran to the vendors they were renting and all was gone, they even left some prims in one of the rentals...the idiots! im not giving here the name of this people as im in the process of doing the DMCA...and this is proof that they had not just my items, a lot of more items stolen from other people too. I am just sad that my computer is not good enough, fast enough and big enough to have been able to see more of the other things they had there.I passed the word to all my friends and i thank you all for supporting me, to pass the names so fast too and to help me get this out, we cant allow this to keep happening...people like this, without morals are the ones that spoil the fun for the rest. I thank you all the ones that keep an eye open and finds this kind of thieves and let us creators know, really thank you.

Yes, i do this as a way of living...but i do it for fun too, i love to create things, to imagine things and be able to see them come alive in this wonderful world that is SL...thanks you all for your support, suggestions and heart is full right now of warm feelings that covered the frustration i felt when i was dealing with this.

Luv and cuddles to you all :) Kei