Monday, September 26, 2016

Current Events @ Goth1c0

Last days for Whore Couture Fair 2016, Back to School. Don't miss it ;) there is a ton of sexy items with this theme.  Here is mine... Lifted top, whore team. 10 different options to pick from. Comes in standard sizes for classic avis, 5 fitted sizes plus Belleza, Maitreya, TMP and Physique rigged options.

Taxi to WCF 2016, Back to School

And my new exclusive item for Retro Rewind Fair by Depravation Nation. Rockabilly pumps in 8 different designs. Rigged for High Slink feet. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi to Retro Rewind Fair

New Goth1c0's Surl, yes we moved! Come see the new store :D

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MP store

Saturday, May 28, 2016

News, decisions and more...

So as of today and after much consideration, i decided that i will be making only Omega appliers. I have very bad memory and being script challenged, every time i do appliers i keep messing up and due to the amount of Mesh parts and bodies out there and my lack of time to update each and one of them and test them all, i feel im falling behind on this, like really behind from other designers. I hope you understand why im deciding this. Every time i update some item, i am missing this or that mesh body brand. And since i want you all to be happy, i will just dedicate all that time to one script and one applier. The only mesh body that does not support this system is TMP but since i am not doing appliers for it and have not been asked so much to do them, i think we will be ok.

On the good side, i will be able to deliver better and higher quality products for appliers and the production will be increased too. Less mistakes on textures and appliers working just right as they should. I will have time too to update the MP and to set up a vendor system to offer gift cards and redeliveries, update the blog more often and maybe participate in other social media like tumblr, twitter or facebook (if they allow my account to live more than 2 months). Also to offer more new releases in the store and to participate in more events done in store such as hunts and fun thing maybe?

I thank you all for your infinite support to my creations over the past several years and i hope this decision is ok with you all . Sometimes i think i don't deserve so much love from my costumers so i will be returning it with more work and better products.

Much love <3 p="">Kei

Sunday, February 7, 2016

New items, New events!

Goth1c0 is taking part in the new round of Totally Top Shelf. For this round i made a pair of sexy tall platform boots in black leather. Rigged mesh in 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi: Totally Top Shelf

Next event is the new round of Thrift Shop Love and Hate version. This is a discount event, everything is 50% or less :) since is love and hate theme, i made some cute long sweaters with white shirts, they got colorful hearts with wicked text. 5 standard sizes. Copy, no mod, no transfer.

Taxi to Thrift Shop 12.0

I have out too a new gacha in this event too. Dark Quote Wooden Hearts for wall decor. They include a resize script so you can adjust the size easily. Transfer, no copy, no mod. Collect them all and trade with your friends :D

And lastly, im a sponsor for the Jack or Jill hunt, on the male path. I have a gift for you guys! Yeaaah!! Don't miss the other stores included in this hunt, amazing gifts from many of them. T-shirt and black pants in 5 standard sizes.

TP Goth1c0
More info: Jack or jill-5.0 Website