Monday, October 28, 2013

Maniac Monday deals!!! Hurry!!

So the day is almost over but i couldn't post this you like deals? i come on down to my inworld store and get this super cute skirt for only 66L, after today it will go up to its regular price. Comes in 5 standard sizes, alpha layer and it has this cool high waisted belt with metallic details, many colors to pick from. Its a new release and you are getting it with a discount price isn't that sweet? mhmm very much ;)

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Are you looking for a Halloween costume?

Oh i got the perfect one! Original and fun to wear, from one of the best traditions in my country. "La Catrina".  We celebrate the death in a very colorful and playful way, with sugar skulls, colorful offerings with the favorite foods of our beloveds that passed away, flowers and visiting the cemetery to spend the day with them. We think that "La Muerte" is an elegant lady that wears flowers, colorful make up and long dresses embroidered with traditional mexican designs.

I made this costume inspired by that. Includes the shape, skin, top, mesh skirt, sculpted shoes, mesh hat with flowers and flexi feathers, sculpted sleeves.

You can find it here or at my inwolrd store :)

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The Grande Olde Horrorfest Hunt

This hunt runs along with the Horrorfest event, most of the designers participating in this event, joined the hunt and made awesome gifts. You can see previews of the gifts here.

In my store you can find this bloody wound, a face tattoo. I been getting asked to make more bloody wounds. So here it is, you know the deal, come and find it at my store. The poster on the entrance wall has a hint ;) so dont forget to click on it. Also don't forget to join us at the  Love Dolls Island where the Horrorfest is being held...wander the cementery, hang out at the spooky building and support our charity.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Goth1c0 is part of The Horrorfest 2013

The event is organized by The Guild of Gloom and is a charity event, if you have not heard of this, please continue reading to find out more.

The event is held on the last 2 weeks of october and it has all things dark in SL. We all got together with the lead of this amazing ladies to do a charity event for the Epilepsy Therapy Project. There is a ton of designers participating with gachas, exclusive items and vendors with donation percentage for The Epilepsy Therapy Project, so come on down to Love Dolls Island and support this event.

I have for this event some exclusives. I had a lot of problems setting up because SL was being the usual messed up SL we all know, but i could set up so here they are.

Flesh pumps, stitched and bloody. 
Skin Hud to tint the feet included 250L
100% donation for the Epilepsy Therapy Project.

65 L per play. Crown or headband with creepy dolls inside a flower.

50L per play, resize plus stretch script. Doll creepy face.

There are many designers participating in the event, the place is super cool, the enviroment is spooky, scary and dark plus many cool items, gachas an events? what else you could ask for. Come on down and support our charity :)

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New round for the Horror Haute!!

This time the theme was to get inspired by the great work of Tim Burton. So all of the participating designers made items inspired by one of his movies or in general by his art. If you know me, i looooove Tim Burton's work, art, movies and all so this round i got at my store 2 items and 1 gacha :D

Color Hud for the skin. 100L

Resize plus stretch script. 200L

25L per play

Find them at my inworld store. You can check pics of the other designers participating and get their surl here and here .

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

New release from Goth1c0 :D

High waist skirt in black vinyl, 5 standard sizes. Skulls printed all around. Available in many colors. Sexy, rebelious, lusty. Pick yours!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Release @ Goth1c0

Soooooo among all i been doing for the events, i had time to do this item. Since i came to sl i been drawing extreme corsets, but at some point i stopped selling them cus they were drawn. When the sculpt option came into SL i hopped to be able to create something similar but well you know sculpties does not work fine for something like this. So when mesh came on, i thought it was my chance, but....i didn't really have the time or the knowledge to do something like this. But with the help of my friend guestier Balut, i am able now to bring you this new item.

100% original mesh and rigged.

Rigged Mesh corset with HUD.
- 3 sizes included (S, M, L)
HUD with:
- 12 ribbon textures some with motives like skull, plaid or dots.
- 8 metal textures
- Skin presets and RGB option to match skin tone.
- Layer with shadow over the skin/optional.
-DEMO available.

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Goth1c0 @ The Body Modification Expo 2013

This month i am swamped in events, i dont know how i'm doing it but i'm being able to deliever in all, and you know what? i'm very happy with all whats going on. Even that somedays my bedtime is past 6 am, but the feeling i have from seeing all what i'm acomplishing is great and i have to thank you all for letting me be part of your second life with the creations i make. They are all made with my heart in them. I dont think you have heard of me so often, have you? but well...get used to hear me shout and stir things around cus i'm here and ready :D

So into the juicy and pics. The Body Modification Event is a special event organized by Depraved, when i saw the promotion of it, i knew i had to be in it. Is something new in SL, you will find only designers that brings amazing things but none of the items is clothing. What will you find out then here? Tattoos, shapes, piercings, accessories, jewelry, shoes, implants and a long etc. For this event i made a very special item. I been wanting to do it since long, long time and here it is finally :)

The mask comes with a resize plus strech script and simulated shadow as a tattoo in case you cant run SL with shadows enabled.

The event will run from Oct 10th to Nov 3er. So dont miss it!! Hope to see there :D

> The Body Modification Expo location
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another round for the Woeful!

And this time i bring you my cute latex bunny! it has a holding animation and is only 50L for just today! Don't forget to click on the Woeful Wednesday board to join our group and get notices about this amazing sales.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Gacha machine @ Candy Fair 2013

8 regulars and 4 rares. Demon Horns with candies and strings. Exclusive item for the Candy Fair.
And probaly will not be sold at the store as it is. So if you like it, go get yours! 79L per play. Like my friends said...this is gothcute! xD

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Candy Fair 2013 location
Candy Fair Flickr group

Goth1c0 @ MOG event!

So the event is open and im so excited about it. Many cool nd aswesome designers are present here. All with our favorite gacha game and excluisve items just made for this event. The space is packed, you can find hairs, shapes, skins, jewelry, accesories, shoes, clothes and more. Hope to see you all there!

I made for this event a necklace inspired on an old time fav, space invaders game. Who doesnt know about this? I thought it would be cool to have a necklace with them. Plus in the future i plan to release something that will go perfectly with this ;)  I called my necklace the spaders...yeah not so original but i had a lot of laughs while creating this and talking with my friends.

The event runs from Oct 6th - Oct 20th. Dont miss out! Everything here is amazing :)

> Men Only Gacha location
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Friday, October 4, 2013

Goth1c0 @ Candy Fair 2013 :)


The Candy Fair started today and i have a little breath house with goodies over there. Dognuts, lollipops, cupcakes, hard candies, chocolate, you name it. Who doesnt like candies? i sure do. For this event i made some special items. 2 corsets with candy designs, with bows and lace. They come in 5 standard sizes and alpha mask. 

Then i made some cute short sleeved hoodies, with colorful print on the front. What flavor you like best? New arsenic flavors with this Sweet Poison Hoodie.

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Candy Fair 2013 location
> Candy Fair Flickr group

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is time for Woeful Wednesday!

And my item this week is this sexy leather pants. Chap like with colored undies and sculpted legs. Veeery sexy. 50L gonna miss it?

> Inworld store

X-Ray skirt from Goth1c0

Among all i had to do and still have to do for this month events, i had a bit of time to do a release at the store. This skirts with side pockets comes in many colors and have as graphic a pelvis x-ray. Dunno what inspired me to do them but i just love them. Mesh rigged, 5 standard sizes and alpha mask.

The pockets have different fabric, skulls and they are of different colors. Perfect to wear with tall boots, combat boots, sneakers or whatever you like. Come pick your favorite :)

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Goth1c0 has 2 gacha machines @ Oh My Gacha!!

For the Oh my Gacha! i got 2 gachas and i set out this super cute necklace, it is an upside lipstick with some glitter on the top and many many colors. 12 regulars and 4 rares.

Then i made this sexy tops with 3/4 sleeves and some print on the front. The Supreme letters has leopard texture inside, many colors available. 9 regulars and 4 rares. They come with tango appliers but can be worn without them too. 

Come and dont miss this event, there are many more designers, with very cute items outta here! i hope to see you over Jersey Shore!

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Kinky Halloween Hunt @ Goth1c0

A sexy leather suit for girls and a leather jacket for guys. Both includes collar and wings. Sexy, kinky, playful...what your imagination can come up with this sets? Hope you like them.

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Alternative Gender Fair & Modern Horror Hunt!

I'm part of this event and my exclusive items with 100% and 50% of donation are this. All of my items were inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories. the Raven Mourning locket, with a cute black bow and a raven standing over a skull.

This one can be found in 4 other colors too. But only the black one is the excluisve item for the fair.

Then i made this cute shirt based on Nevermore, short mini top with purple net o the back. Unisex, It has net gloves too.

This event has a hunt that will run the same dates. The Modern Horror Hunt based on horror stories too from the 30's. My item for this hunt is this cute set, a rug with 4 sitting poses and a mesh tv, so you can hang out with your friends and watch horror movies xD! hehe.

Note: the TV just has a simple script that gives a white noise effect, not scripted to function on any other way.

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