Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Party animals! wooooo

So the party was a success, it was more than i ever dared to dream in my wildest dreams thank you all :D here i will post some pictures. It lasted more than 12 hours so hah woooow hehe

There were so many ppl i was so happy to see you all. Old friends, some names that are very familiar to me cus i know you are my constant buyers well now i can put a face next to that name and its awesome. Even that the raffle ball never worked...(i swear i tested it before the party and it worked just fine v.v) ppl stayed around :D

Then Salem all nervious cus it was her first formal gig and she did awesome, played all my favorite songs so nice!...then Sergei playing some of his industrial collection very nice too.

And then mom cracking up the store with rock, metal and punk...it was fun as hell! and ppl stayed in the store all the time...i hoped we would not crash the sim cus my neighbors would yell at me and we never did! the sim is awesome i swear it is..and thats why noone sells their land there lol...i want some more...i need prims!! *coughs* erm ok back to the party...

There was so many ppl there most of the day, i swear...and i was so nervious thinking noone would show up...cus it was a holiday weekend and i didnt know about it. but all went great more than great thank you all that made my party even more special :))

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Party, ancient history and blogs! what a ncie mix ;)

Well i have been awfully busy omg i cant believe it lol...and all is cus ppl...my store is turning 2 years old in SL and im celebrating it!! i posted posters in my store and i made invitations that i sent to all the ppl in my friendlist and to others that arent there. I hope some of you can make it. Here i will post the poster so you can read the info, if you have questions or wanna know something else IM me in world and i will try to asnwer ASAP.

Then my pretties as Don says *giggles* LOL, Goth1c0 got blogged in some fashion blogs, so exciting lets see first we have the first review Goth1c0 gets in Second Style man blog...yeah im so excited, you have to read what Aidan Recreant said omg his wording to describe my work left me with my jaw open, really was sweet here is the link:

Then sweet Sasy Scarborough posted about my Tokyo Gothic Lolita, the cage skirt brought her so many memories of her childhood, its is funny how something so simple can trigger strong feelings that you didnt even know they were still there, you gotta read about this, here is the link:

And last but not least, sexy Ben Vanguard took sexy pictures of some of my items from Goth1c0 and Zona Cero. I definetly envy the good eye he has to mix and match outfits so well and he always gets the perfect hair, skin and accesories for every outfit, if you are concerned on how you, as a guy, look in SL then you gotta check his site. Here is the link:

And you know well i hope the party goes well...i have had lots of things happening and i still need to finish tons of things. I am looking forward to the party hoping i can see lots of new faces but lots of my old friends too.

I created Goth1c0 after a breakdown with someone very dear to me and my friends pushed me to sell the few things i started to create for myself, because my stippend i got weekly was never enough to buy what i wanted and...just think, at that time SL was not what is it now, i used to collect all the goth prims booth and items i could find and it was not even up to 10 hahaha.

So my store started in this same sim where is sitting now and almost the same size of land, with only 5 items and my huge building that comes from some manga i was reading at that time. here i prove of what im telling xP

The store grew, i bought more land but i had to leave SL for some weeks in november of the same year i openned and i sold most of the land i had, but i left the store open, with some new additions but not nearly to make a big inventory...I lost my internet cus i couldnt afford it and i was about to lose my premium account in SL and my land too and the situation in my RL was very desperate because i couldnt find a job, and its when i decided to get into clothes design full time. And from here my store started to grow and its what it is now ^^.

I always strive to do better things, to get better on what i do but im a spaz and sometimes passes an entire month before i release something, and you would not believe the amount of things i work on but i finish few until the mood strikes me (sp?) woo...sorry for my bad english...

Oh well i just wanted to share a bit of old history with you guys...ciaatiooos!

Kei :)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Tokyo comes to Goth1c0

So yeah i have been pretty busy...i got my other store open and its doing pretty well, but i had this project on the process for some weeks ago and here i finally got to finish it...my new gothic lolita dress...i called it Tokyo and it has this crazy amount of detail:

- Prim neck with flexi ribbons.
- Top with white lace and satin corset.
- Tall gloves with black lace too.
- Belts skirt.
- Prim skirt (not flexi)
- Hot pants with ribbons too
- Garters with mesh stockings

I love how it looks and for those pretty boys out there...you can wear it too just dont wear the prim skirt...or wear it....you will look like a cute bishie!

Then i made for the sadistic ones a corset piercing with a silky blouse held with ribbons, it comes in 6 colors to pick from. The front part of the blouse falls nicely over the clevage covering what is necesary and leaving bare part too *grins*

Then i have a vinyl corset, this one comes in 8 colors all very bright. The corset has ribbons on the front and the back too. Very sexy, just look at it and matching it with the hairs i thought it was fun too.

Well thats all for now i got other stuffs too but i need to finish taking pictures, thats the part i hate the most...bleh hehe ;P

Take care *waves* ^^

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Goth1c0 @ SLmen

Oooh and i forgot to mention!

Ben used my jeans one of his outfit of the day in his blog, here you can check it. He makes things look oh so sexy and i always like how he mix and match things.


ciaos ;)

PS: Oh another thing...dont i tell you a spaz...i openned my new store Zona Cero it is in icewater infront of my Goth1c0 store there. Wohoo...thats all folks have a nice day/night/evenning...whatever ^^

Wings of destruction

Soooooo clothing fair is gone and i released this necklace there and i forgot to blog about it, i tell you im a spaz...a big spaz hehe. The necklace has more morbid if you wanna call them that way, details. A razorblade and a skull with wings. Long rotten chain as part of it and more metallic rotten charms too.

Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clothing Fair!!

The clothing Fair will be openning its doors tomorrow 26th. There is a big list of designers that had set up their stores to show some of their creations and im among them woaa yeah :D woooo!

Here some pictures of my store over there. Come check around and dont forget to vote for your favorite designer ;D

Come check it out...dont miss it i tell you all is for a good cause, supporting RFL ;P

Ciaos bellos

New Gothic Lolitas, Clothing Fair & RFL

I put a lot of work on this two...they seemed to be harder to do than the others, but im pleased with the result. And i started making them cus of the Clothing Fair, that will be openning tomorrow from 26th to the 30...i hope to see you all over there.
And without more to say....

Innocent Dream

I designed this cute loli to raise funds for the RFL, you can find it in the Clothing fair or my two stores or the Block. This is a sweet lolita in pink with details in white, it has a ruffed shirt and a sweater with little skulls as part of the fabric details, includes the little top hat, white gloves, white flexi cuffs, top and flexiskirt. All the money will go to Relay for life. So look for the RFL vendor in the stores and if you like it be kind and donate.

Beautiful lie

Then i have the nemesis of this lolita, the Beautiful lie, this is an elegant gothic lolita in black with details in white and pink, little skulls in white as part of the pattern in the fabric. Socks, little top hat with ribbons and flowers, flexi skirt, flexi cuffs, glitch pants and gloves.

Well off i go to work on more stuffs, i got to finish so much.
Bayis ;D

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Release!! ;D

Woot well i finally got myself to make pictures of this outfits..i really love how they look...the Bewitched Neko has a cute detailed top in paid with studs, pins and belts with a ragged corset in the shirt layer. Then a mesh long undershirt that you can use alone or combined. The flexi skirt is mod and is done with plaid and studs. The set has glitch pants and mesh stockings. I made 6 colors and a fat pack.

Then for us guys The Angel of Death, a set with pants and shirt with belts, studs and bondage rings; plus a set of flexi Wings studded and with bondage rings as well, to finish the look.

The Oscuritate Cloak is flexi and has this red stone as a pin. Then the trapped wrist bands, with little spikes and metalic bucklet.

Later i will post more stuffs cus i have tons more ;D bear with me for a little will ya ^^

Hope you all like them! off i go :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

F*cking copy cats!

Ok this just sucks big time *GROWLS* searching the forums i found this....WTF? i mean....she had the face! to post it in the forums!!!...her quality sucks of course but still she asks 360 L for this OMFG! and she copied even the glitch on my skirt...i mean...the wrong prims i saw later after starting selling it ...she even copied them WTH??? really this makes me want to go slap someone really hard, this is the second time she decived me...bah she is not worth even mentioning her...but i want to get this out of my chest...really sucks!!! Cant you have enough brain to create your own stuffs??!!. I mean ok yeah copy the hat...ok well copy the skirt i didnt invent the prims! BUT YOU COPIED THE WHOLE THING?!?? and ya know i didnt invent the prims but clearly you can see that skirt...i came up with it!...geesh -.-

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Of lag...and zeros

I had to learn how to read the sim stats....very interesting tho, so much info there that normally one doesnt know about it. Well i had to cus my sim in icewater...haha "my" hehe..ok yeah in my dreams mine :P well *coughs* not mine but where i live and have the other stores, was doing so bad it was hilarious, and in order to talk to the lindens with facts i looked for the info on this. You could not walk or talk or anything cus the lag was the worst ever you have experienced. And usually the sim is empty, not that it had tons of ppl standing around or lots of scripts running...yeah there are some but its not that bad if you consider i own half of the sim and most of the land is not even used. And there is a lot of plots for sale so they are empty too. So i had called the lindens, i complained several times in the past but i did not get a response. Well yesterday i IMed live help giving them facts and numbers and....finally! one of the lindens went to the sim and checked it for a while, she said..."the sim is not a happy sim"....LMAO hehe that made me choke! Hah we were standing there and the sim kept dying on us LOL. Of course its not a happy sim and i was not a happy camper either! lol. She poofed when i crashed and today when i logged in....sim is all ok woaa super stable and great numbers, i had to check twice woaa :O! It seems they fixed it, how i dont have a clue, maybe they restarted it or something....i dont know. but its working smooooooooooooth like silk now woaaw, now im a happy camper ;D

So the openning of Zona Cero will be very soon, since ppl will be able to actually see whats around. Woot! im still finishing stuffs but the more i finish the more i pull off the openning date so i will just do it and maybe will be this friday ;) wish me luck peeps ^^

off i go :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weird times

Well this couple past days has been very weird...hah adding to all the SL happening. First monday was a holiday here and my family decided to go have breakfast at this traditional Mexican restaurant very early in the morning, but they never made it, the car broke in the way there, the engine suddenly died. I didnt go cus i was too lazy to get up so early, but i had to get up early anyway cus they called me to go pick my mom and sisters while my dad waited for the tow truck or the wrecker...however is it called, i had to drive there and then bring them back here to the house. My dad got here right after us with the tow truck guy and the car dead. It was 2 hours later of the time they left the house initially. They left in the end, but to a different place.

Later in the evenning my sister decided to go shopping for some stuffs she was needing and on her way back her car got broken too! dead...yeah engine completely dead. My sister called home and my dad went to check on her, using my car, he wanted to push the car himself, but after a few blocks he stopped cus he was tired, the car is automathic duuh, so heavy as hell...hah so my sister calls again home and came to pick me to help push or something, i grabbed a hige pillow i have, some platic bags and some cords and there i go again. I pushed the car with my car. This is the first time i push a car with mine...We got home finally results by the end of the day: 2 cars broken..oooh but!....thats not all, my mom had an accident a couple of days ago a truck hit the mirror on the pilot side and ripped it off and of course it cant be used or driven....so of all the cars we have only mine was ok. When have you heard of 2 cars broken on the same day?? O.o

Well then today there was this wind storm...and it was very very bad, there were ppl dead cus some trees fell over them and car smashed and all kind of bad stuffs :( Here in my house the dust and wind entered by the windows, it was like woaaa wth?? suddenly all cloudy in dust, my dog scared the hell ran to my bedroom and hid under my covers LOL. I was home alone, so you can imagine me running around closing windows, then the power failed and when it came back, 3 hours later, i wanted to watch TV...the TV...dead, caput.....finito...gone...HAH...so now 3 cars broken and the TV. What else can it happen? v.v it was enough bad omen i think but noooo....

SL messed up with me...HAAAAA! niiiiiiice and sooooo unexpected as if i havent had a bad week already!....i got some ones prims in my land, 300 and something prims, bullets mostly or something and i decided to clean and close and set up a time to return things back so this doesnt happen again and BOOM the store, my furniture store, got back almost entirely to my inventory! OOOMG yeah that was so fucking crazy, and i had to rebuild it -.-! Ad to all this that for some stupid reason some ppl, including me, my alt and Nic and many more, cant tp to my store in gemmed some ppl even thought i closed it GAH!, to tp there i have to tp to the next sim (Istar usualy) and then fly back to my store, but then once in my store...i cant tp out of it....WTF?yeah -.- bad omen i tell you...teleporters broken, vendors broken, ppl not getting their merchandise, i cant see others online, not even if im talking with them in IM, like Nic or we dont get each others IMs so we have to use a group IM to talk!...and so on. I wrote on the official Linden blog about that and asked them politly to fix all the bugs for us content creators instead of fixing some idiot stuffs like "the mature option on the search always off on default" and stupid things like that, i was nice...really i was, i asked nicely and they deleted my post o.O! yeah what about that uh? not freedom of speah? -.-!! But strangely even that i have been very stressed with all this and having a very bad week, i am on a good mood, very good mood actually:D But i cant deny that this is a very weird week, im almost wishing it was a dream, am i nuts?

Buuuuuuuut on the good side i got blogged again in SLMen wooo...thanks Ben -bows- really thanks, the utilikilt looks great on you ;) and i got mentioned too in Appearance Mode. You gonna say: eto? why so excited about it? Well im thinking since i am a goth designer and those blogs arent really goth i dont get my stuffs blogged. You can think...well who cares?? not many goth ppl reads them anyway. Im not sure of that but thinking that the majority of the stuffs they write about its "normal" (kinda...since there is a lot of goth stuffs and punk and others) the ppl they are trying to reach is in the most part not goth or punk...but then again, i dont have a clue -AT ALL- about this.

Anyway it was nice, really nice to see my stuffs there :)) Thanks to Sasy for writting about my outfits! ^^

And with all this said and off my chest... im off, its bed time...ciaos all :D

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What others comment about Goth1c0?....

Heyas peeps, i got mentioned in the magazine PWND magazine in the neko special, you can find it around in SL, if not send me an IM and i can send you one :) And i got mentioned in SLmen here you can check it too woots...so nice...Ben does this outfit of the day review and gets together shoes, pants, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hairs, skins, eyes, jewerly, an entire look and he posts the places where he got the stuffs. Veerrry nice, check it :) He posted my necklaces woots!

Ok now on the releasing things..i got stuffs to put up but with all the issues SL is having, i dont want to sell bugged stuffs or...get them to poof from my store or more ppl with problems so i will wait a little longer.

Well...thats all for nows :) ciaos bellos!

PS by the way...i need to learn how to read the stats for the sims...my sim is lagging so bad, the one i live at ;0; it is unbelievable cus there is nothing there..well a club...but it hasnt even openned and its not finished bleh. My luck!!

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Big release!

=yawns= ooooomg ok....late post =yawns again= uff i need my bed...but yay new release :D After looong time, i know, i know soooowy! ^^;; ok without adding more, here it is.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

again about Lucky Chairs

It seems some ppl took my comment about the lucky chairs in the wrong way or they got md of what i said. So lets me explain this...and for you anonymous poster, next time leave your name so i know who is posting...its very easy to hide behind a post like that...i am giving my opinion and not hiding behind an anonymous comment.

First...i put the lucky chair for my customers, no unfortunately i dont know a lot of how things work in SL, nor i need to know all in SL...so i didnt know of the lucky chairs groups, yes i have been in it for 2 years BUT i dont go out as often as i used, i spend most of my time in my home or plataform working and if you read others blogs im not the only designer that do that. Why? cus i want alone time? my computer does not handle SL as it used...cus im working twisting prims? cus i dont feel like hopping around looking for something to do as i have plenty of work? cus my store has been around 2 years too and to keep up with the others designers i have to create, design and give custome attention 24 hours a day??

Second...what bothered me was this group of ppl that was IN my store with ME standing infront of them explainning this newbie how to live the life in SL without spending a single linden cus many designers give things away for free, no need to wait to buy things in the store, no need to wait for the store to rez even!....I was there hearing all this "Oh you dont need to buy things in the stores, the owners give it for free. And dont feel bad they make enough money from others that do buy theirs stuffs"...HAH now explain me how this ppl are potential consumers of my products?? when they dont stay in my store more than 5 seconds. They sit claim the price and leave plus they think like that... Oh but wait its a way to promote myself? how? explain it to me cus surely my brain doesnt get it. They didnt wait to even rez the floor in my store, they didnt stay more than 5 seconds to see what else i had there, nop...they left or bring someone else another one that waited only 5 seconds the time to takes to sit and claim a price and leave...

And about the bring traffic to my store?...giving away 8 K a day in free things to ppl like that group that do not see how hard and how much time i spend doing things and dont have even enough decency to say those kind of statements in private and rather shove it on my face...no thanks...i prefer to give free things to those that appreciate my work and buy it.

And for chairs hoopers well...you want free things?...now you will have to stay in my store to get them...you like that? no, not many ppl wants to spend 2 hours sitting in a chair to claim a gothic lolita. But for those who give me 2 hours of their time, they will get nice prices...that brings me traffic yeah and they still get outfits for free, i think its a better deal.

Monday, February 19, 2007

My life in SL.....

Today i got an IM, as usual, from someone asking me where i got some hair, another person that didnt take the time to read when they pulled my profile what i say right in the first line -READ MY STORE POLICY BEFORE IMING ME-

I was busy working, when i got this person IM, i stopped for a second and since i quiet dont remember what i used in each of my pictures, i had to look for the picture in my inventory, wait till it loads and then think...what hair is that one?...where i bought it?. I answered the best i could, without being rude and swallowing my annoyance cus yet another person didnt read my profile but my answer was not enough, he kept pushing it...i said i didnt really remember where that hair was from but i was almost sure it was from -insert name of some hair designer- the person said...so you dont remember where you bought that hair?? :X -kei annoyed meter starts to point red- I have 350 hairs more or less! i dont remember all and i stopped buying in a lot of places, i just buy from certain designers, so no i dont remmeber all! and what did this person said? can i tp you to the store you telling me so you point it to me?...NOOOO! im busy working!..

Really, if i go shopping with all of the ppl that asks me this kind of things, i would never have time to design clothes. I used to take ppl to get a goth look, i showed them the best places to get skins, hairs, eyes, tattoos, boots even clothes but not anymore. I dont have time to go shopping myself, i dont have time to update my blog more often, i dont have time to check other blogs nor even hang out with my friends.

What makes me more annoyed is that i have this information, as part of my profile in my store policy, why is that ppl doesnt take the time to read it? i put the info on often frequently asked questions in my store policy, including where i buy my hairs or my skins or my neko bits or boots or eyes...

I am not your personal shopper and im not in any way the sales person of all those others designers where i buy my stuffs...IM them and bug them not me!!

And for all the ones that are reading this and are thinking "ugh what a snotty guy!!" No im not, im a very friendly and approachable person, im just a regular guy that plays SL like most of you but i work too and i need time to concentrate and finish my projects or to have quiet time to snuggle, i need snuggles ;P.

The fact that you buy my stuffs doesnt make me your personal slave, i appreciate inmensily the support i get from ppl buying my stuffs but if you buy them frequently is cus you like them right? and if i spend my time shopping for others then there will not be things to buy in my store and not more pretty pictures to inspire you to get a goth look.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Of shoes and boots

i saw some incredible shoes i want to get! they are from Shiny Things, very nice ones, Oxford is the name i think ~goes shopping~

And btw for all of you that were asking about where i get some of my boots on my ads, well they are from Hearts desires...they are back in SL and they put them up again.

I havent worked much...well worked setting servers for my vendors, that itself takes a lot of time but still i feel im not working, i started a demoness outfit but im stuck on it, and i made part of the necklaces. Hopefully i will be able to take pictures today.

About Zona Cero, well i decided im going to start a blog for it, since i dont want to mix both stores. Might work on it today and the openning i dunno when...im just too scared >.< lol yeah i know silly me.

Well thats all, i cant think of something else to post. Kitty is off to work!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Block Party

So the block party is over and im trying to get my sleeping schedule back to what it used to be, im finding very hard to go to sleep lately. Having insomia sucks tho i can feel my brain struggling to focus and im having headaches bleh, and my typonesse is in major level...sometimes i write a word totally inversed...like found i write dnuof O.o!!, maybe my brain is dying :O!!

But on what was my exclusive, i never thought it was going to be so well recieved. Usually my exclusives sales well but never like this one or the past one. And this necklace was a success, i still cant believe it, tho. PPl is offering me more money to convince me on selling them one :O but well im not, i cnt...so I thought im making something similar but with some changes...dunno how it will affect the acceptance it has have, so we will see.

And this success the necklace had, made me see that ppl really dont connect my name with my brand, a lot asked me if i had a store so they could check my stuffs, most of them arent into goth so of course my brand is not appeleing to them. Thats why Zona Cero is in process of..~think of world in english to put here~ hmmm something lol. I have to work on that. Of course i think that since the necklace and things i have been making for the exclusives were thought to be more open and appeleing for ppl that are not goth as well as the goth ones...has created the confusion. Again i have to fix this but i dont have clue how...

Well im off i have a huge headache and i want a nap
bayis :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

New layout!!

YAY!! i finished the new image for my blog!...Uuff this was difficult ^^

Well my friends *hugs tight* im better... i have not gone to bed since 3 pm yesterday but im not sleepy or tired, i wanted to finish the blog :) because i have something to share. This morning around of 6:00 am part of my family came downstairs to have breakfast and when my dad saw me working on the blog, he asked me what i was up to or what would be my new creation. He is my biggest fan, he always brings me ideas or pictures of things he saw to help me create more stuffs. So i was tying to explain what a blog is to him, and one of my sister told him:

sister>You should do the same as Angel does, dad...while you find a new job.
dad> if it were that simple, many ppl would be doing it, believe me.

It made me smile so big, really it cheered me up and picked me from the floor and back up on my feet. Im about to be 2 yo in SL and when i started, they kept giving me so bad time because of the amount of hours i used to spend in SL. But not anymore and just hearing that they do actually believe on what im doing and in the end in me, made me feel very happy :)

Thats why i wanted to finish the blog because having it done i will celebrate with a release and an openning soon ;)

To all my friends that IMed me...*hugs you all* we all have our problems, dramas, ups and downs, RL or even our moments to be hermits or moodies. I have been like that for at least 3 months. But now that i noticed, i will pop in and IM to say hi :) more often. Maybe one day we can all join in someone's land and work...i know i am with my nose in photoshop more often than any other thing. LOL.

Well with this said, im off to maybe sleep...or have dinner...i cant play with my PSP cus my sister kidnapped it, she is so addicted to this Midnight Club game and she is very good at it, darn!

Ciaos bellos, this kitty has to get some rest of the computer...i think it took me 19 hours making it!!! holly shit! O_O eeeeeep...~dies~

Friday, January 19, 2007

i forgot to mention this BlackRose is not longer working for me. I found her selling freebie skins in my store for 500 L, under my name!!...and in thi subject i want to mention that the only owner of Goth1c0 is me, the only one that is selling stuffs there is me....and all is in prims on the walls around the store, nothing is given using ppl or trading directly with sales ppl...no i dont have sales ppl. The only one that can help you, when she wants to be there is Alloryn Blackthorne, a -friend- im helping. She is the only one that will be there helping ppl or greeting them or inviting them to my group, noone else and she works for tips, so tip her....with this said, im off to work. Ciaos bellos!! ;)

Lucky Chair

Well hey there all....i am trying to put up a new release but RL and other stuffs keep getting in the middle meh (-.-) but im posting today cus want to talk about something that has me mad and sad.

Some time ago, i thought on getting a lucky chair, i have been pondering on this for weeks. Why i wanted it? cus i wanted to give something to my customers...not a freebie for 1 L, not a raffle ball that i think might hit someone near by but not in my store...so i thought a lucky chair with nice prizes in it. So i did. The lucky chair sends me a message when someone claims a prize...i set it at 60 mins....and guess what? i was giving around 50 prizes daily...but the bad part is...very few to my customers, the rest were to ppl that never bought anything in my store. To ppl that came in, claim the prize, then left..not even staying one whole minute in my store!! And some even claimed prizes 3 or 4 times a day sometimes many more...one day, in a row like 10 ppl claimed prizes...with very few minutes between them...so i tped to my store to check what was going on. There was a group of ppl there, i greeted them, asked if i could help them...noone even made the effort to say hi or answer me....but you know what they were saying? they had a newbie there, they were explainning him about the lucky chairs...and infront of my face when i identified myself as the owner of the store...they said without a shame: "We do a search for lucky chairs all around SL, there are some with very nice stuffs. You can get around 20 prizes per day or more if you are lucky...there is no need to spend money or sit to camp for hours to get few L or anything. Check for the freebies, many ppl are giving them away... skins, eyes, hairs, clothes AOs, animations, scripts, houses, wings, attachments, anything you want.....we have a list we can give you, just you need to join our group and help us, liek say you tp to a store and see the lucky chair has a letter that isnt yours, spam the group asking for someone with that letter, then tp him/her there and wait for the next letter, we are all helping each other like that.....HAH!...that made me sooooo angry!!!!...i mean im there, they are taking my HARD work, the things i put up for MY costumers to thank them for buying my stuffs, to show them how i appreciate them for supporting me, so well the lucky chair is gone...until i figure it out how to not get mad for this kind of ppl. At least if you are going to do this, you lazy bastard bums DONT express it infront of the OWNER of the lucky chair!!!!!! geesus...have alittle decency, really....nothing makes me more angry than this kind of ppl, im working my ass off to put things up, im squeezing my brain to make my store and my creations something ppl really want to buy and want to recommend to others, my prices hasnt changed since i openned, even that the land is going up...even that others are charging so expensive for clothes that sucks IMO...i try to keep up making new stuffs, looking for creative stuffs...i dont use the same base of the pants, or tee or tank top or dress i made the last time or i made before to create new ones...i could have tons of stuffs like that, i spend hours and hours making this, looking for tutorials to learn how to make better stuffs...i DONT have a waccom palet to draw like others, i dont have background like others do!... i use my little finger over my track pad on my broken powerbook to draw wrinckles, details and stuffs on my clothes!!!! This is my RL income ppl, call me a loser for it, i dont care...i help my family with this, we are having a very bad time with my dad losing his job...but i am very proud of this and of what i do.

This makes me sad and so angry, ppl that takes advantage so blatantly of the hard work of others....sucks!!

This picture shows what i had in my lucky chair...things that around 80 to 150 L...not my best stuffs but some i liked too...Maybe my mistake was that i put them transfer, maybe my mistake was i put many in it, maybe my mistake was to even put the lucky chair up...i dunno, ~sighs~ i will find another way to thank my customers, to the ones that buy my stuffs and appreciate my work.

Friday, January 12, 2007


I forgot to mention ppl...that yesterday Ambeshin Yossarian the owner of Curious Kitties IMed me!!!!!!!!! woaaaaa *jumps ups and down in awe* yeeaaaaah! can you believe it? :O i cant... woaa!!....she was at my store the other day and she said she likes my stuffs and she linked my blog to her website http://morbidia.com!!!!! Woaaa so cool! :))

I have been a fan of her work since i started SL, i have so much of her stuffs, i keep taking ppl there cus it is so cute...i remember her first stores or the first ones i visited...i have everything i can buy that doesnt look so girly...and even some very girly stuffs LOL...her hair pins, her wings, her boots...her kitties for the shouder, some of her hairs, hats, lots of her clothes and lots of her accesories...yeah my friends knows that is one of my favorites places in whole SL...and Hely is there too, my hair goodess *bows*. So yeah!!....go visit Curious Kitties!...you will find some of the stuffs i wear and you all like so much :))

Pd: Forgot to mention...new layout!! what y'all think? i still need to fix some stuffs...but for not knowing HTML, i figured out how to change one freebie i found...still i want to add other stuffs...but im HTML challenged too :PP...see what happens when SL is down and i dont have a way to check the alignment of stuffs im making? lol... damn PC users *shakes fist* you can check them offline...i cant! someone has to make some for mac users really..pweaaaaase!

Pd 2: I have an employee...O.o? *scritch, scritch, scratch* yeah never ever thought i would have one...well now i do...she kinda hired herself...*blinks*...she works for tips... so if you see her at my store, she is very helpful and talkative, her name is BlackRose Hallstorm...be nice to her and TIP her! ;) and NO im not hiring someone else...and NO...noone else can work for tips there...she is official now...sorry...she sneaked in...and its the only one i will let do that! LOL.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Crazy shopper...

Yesterday my sister and me went on a shopping spree(sp?) well there is this big store that is moving so they have like all their inventory with crazy prices. It started a couple days ago and ppl is going nutty buying stuffs cus they have pants like for 2 dollars or jackets for 14...and that is cheap here, very cheap cus they are very good brands well so she wanted to check it and i wanted to see the PSP...because in every single store they have the "get it now pay in 12 or 13 short loans" this to fight the comming of the Wii...that yeah hasnt make it to my country yet, bleh...oh!! but you can buy the games already and all the cool gadgets it has hah but no console yet....bleh again...

So yeah i bought my PSP, with only 2 games one that came with it and the nascar one....they dont have many games to pick from and of course there is a lot i have never heard of bah...now im thinking i should have bought some for my PS2 some i have wanted since long ago hmmm ~considers that~ I saw the PS3...it is....huge...round and huge an shinny....super shinny...i didnt like the design after having the slim PS2...am i a weirdo? i bet ppl will say OMGWTF! you dont know what you talking about!!...yeah im kinda not so updated in consoles and videogames but it looked shinny O.o!...and blame SL for my lack of knowledge in videogames ~takes notes talk mroe of consoles and videogames with others IN SL~ LOL!

Well so back to the shopping thing...my sister went nutty and since i was the one there, i ended up carrying her bag (damn what all they put in there uh? they are so freaking heavy!! i bet she carry stones there....) her jacket and all the things she wanted to try and the ones she was going to -think- on buying and the ones she was buying..i was a walking hanger!...if that word exists ^^;...now today i have my left arm from my neck, my shoulder, my elbow, my wist...HURTING! ooooooooowwwwwww i cant lift my arm ;-; i know i hate to go shopping with them but man yesterday was subreal...owww my arm...my musules ;-;...owww.... everything hurts...i thought i was a crazy shopper but she took the prize!...owwww ;-; someone give me a massage?._.

I am off, i will take some pain pill and a hot shower and...owww i cant even play or anything LOL bleh...never ever go with your sisters shopping...neva man neva!...oh or with your gf if its your case o.o ~thinks on it~ imagine what the straight guys have to suffer if they go with their gf shopping? woaa~~ oOo!...~patpats them~ someone has to invent a better way to carry all those things...really...

d: now im editing in Netscape cus...Safari is not compatible with blogger! and firefox is...just stupid....

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Update! :))

Here they are woot!...hope you all like it. :))) now i gotta go eat lunch and....sleep @_@ im so sleepy!!

see yas! ;P