Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Thousand Deaths....

Goth1c0's new necklace! Edgy design in a statement piece of jewelry.
3 different metals to pick from (black, silver and mixed). Mesh chains, sculpted crosses.
Resize script. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goth1c0 Haunted

F A S H I O N & A R T

Hair: Magika Electricity
Skin: Curio: Sundust Cupid Allure
Make up: {D.A} Drama make up
Horns: Shadenfreude: Kinder horns
Tattoo: Little Pricks: Nourish me, Destroy me
Earrings: Goth1c0: My Black Faith
Necklace: Comming soon! Goth1c0: Thousand Deaths necklace
Nails and bracelets: N E W! Goth1c0: Alma Negra set
Belt: Comming soon! Goth1c0: Loose belt with spikes
Leggings:  N E W! Goth1c0: Lace leggings

Location: The Cherry Park

TP to the store!

Horror Haute October @ Goth1c0

Im part of the Horror Haute this month and i made this beautiful skin, perfect for this time of the year. It is a full skin with sugar skull make up and a ribcage tattoo on the chest. 

In my country we celebrate "El Día de los Muertos" and is a very colorful and fiesty festivity and this is my interpretation of this festivity. Its only 200L during the event. Come and get yours at my inworld store and while you are there, join the group and check out the other stores that are in this months event....we all made wicked items for halloween.

Horror Haute Blog:

Friday, October 12, 2012

La Catrina comes to Goth1c0

A halloween costume, perfect for this time, very colorful but macabre too. La Catrina represents the elegant death, wearing a long gown, colorful make up and a big hat with flowers and feathers. A very representative icon of the "Día de Muertos" festivity in Mexico.

Includes skin, shape, shoes, mesh skirt, top, sculpted sleeves, hat with flowers and feathers and high heels.

You can get it in the inworld store or in the marketplace here.

And the previous release, dangerous and letal jewelry set.

Includes bracelets, arm bands, cuffs with spikes, nails, HUD with hide/show, resize and fix hand option.

You can get it at the marketplace here or in my inworld store.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Letal and danger...a hard mix

This set "Alma Negra" is a mix of letal and dark braceletes made in leather and metallic chains, wrist bands with metal spikes and resize script to get a better fit. Also claw shaped nails with more metallic details.

The nails have sculpted details like chains, crosses and spikes and i included a HUD that allows you to hide or show any of this details. It has too, the option to fix the hands, to resize the nails to fit bigger hands, to change the color of the nails, etc. Pick from 5 different options for your nails in bright red and black, carefully crafted textures to give the letal look this set has.

This set screams danger! all the way around. Slap someone with this nails and they are going to have a permanent scar. Buy it here on marketplace or here inworld.