Thursday, December 28, 2006

catching up and ranting mood

Soooooo....until today im able to blog. I dunno wtf is going on with Firefox and google/blogger....the thing doesnt let me blog in...the..redirecting screen keeps flickering to no end just going blank then showing the logging in window and so on...and today that im having a bad day and wanted to rant was not the exception but i thought....what if i try another browser? and here i am...using Safari...and it actually worked...~shakes fists at Firefox~

Well yeah today has sucked majorly...i had the greatest idea!!.....buying more land in my account said i could hold 2056 i bought 2034...and i would be in my same tier...but jumped! to 40 US per month WTF?!!!!! yeah so i am ultra pissed off majorly!!.....really LL needs to make the land use webpage more clear or...easy to use or something...i swear it said i could own 2056 meters thats why i bought more land! cus i was paying a tier for land i didnt have and now for some few meters( around 102) im paying a shit load of money GRRRRRR....well...besides sugar level is at ground feeling very shitty today, sweating cold and shaking...and i didnt want to come rant about this all but im so mad i just want to take it out of my system.

I didnt realize my last post was so long ago. I have been working all day and night it seems, im a total hermit...very few friends IMs me...besides of the ton of IMs i get from costumers during the day...i dont complain, i thank you all for buying my stuffs and i apologize if i seem to be cold, i try to answer the best i can, and not be just too focused on trying to get things done...but focused as in having 3000 projects going on at the same brain keeps jumping from one to the other non stop....blah! my own fault. And not having really time to come in and deal with Firefox and flickering screens i really didnt tried something different so i let days sorry. I had lots of weird screens from SL...all the weird things that keeps happening but since i couldnt come in, i didnt share ;P oh well.

On a happier note.....the new store is up, i just need to finish uploading pictures and set them up. Take some pictures of items i am still missing and put them up too...i felt openning with the few i had was not good...still i dont have to much but it doesnt look so empty. Im still deciding the style on my vendors erm furnitures...i suck at that cus i keep changing my mind ^^;; lalala laaaaa lol. On this....I had a hair with a hat sitting on my plataform for days...and a friend told me someone made one 'similar' and if i was still going to sell it...i didnt know Noam made one, (go out of my brain Noam!! :PP) hmm this happens for not finishing the things when i start them, i bought some shitty hair textures...very expensive btw...and i hated how they looked so i left them sitting there i bought a second set of textures...same...shitty too so i let them sit there for days...again my fault i guess, i will still put them up for sale, to much work to let it die really....

I missed sending my xmas gifts i made...omg! i know im such a mess...does anyone know where i can buy 32 hours days? the 24 hours ones seems to not be enough for me lol!

For Goth1c0 i have a huge release...i finally could take pictures...i had a lot of days in SL that the flexi things would look all wild, like not sitting...just floating wildly around my avi...the attachments points looked out of place too, some clothes layers seem to be liking y skin to much too, they just stay there as part of the many many skins f*cked now :/ for all this, i couldnt make the pictures, but i can now...what happened? only LL knows.

I hope all of you is having good holidays...mines has been shakey between SL being stupid (how weird hah), my mom and dad very sick, 2 houses here in my street got robbed the past days and i was awake when it happened eeeeeeeep!...0_0!! and to much chocolates and you can notice on my face v_v! blergh ~covers mirror to not break it~...I hope the year ends better tho.

well i ranted...sowwwy ^^;;; i will come with all i have to release in a few :))

PD i have gotten so many many compliments on the dresses, i feel all squirmy and shy ^^;; hehe...thank you all!!, it makes me smile a lot when i get that kind of IMs =^.^= never thought it would be so well recieved....i got pictures of ppl wearing them too, they all look great!! :o..i might put up a board at my store so ppl can share their pictures...So sweet thank you all!! :)))

PD2 sorry i ranted, i promised i was not going to do it...cus i noticed half of my posts are rants....i seem bitchy...which i am not...(i hope o.o!) i pormised more happy happy ones and not so many moody ones...sowwy ^^; guys!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Laced Gowns and sexy lingerie

Alrighty im done! yay!!....i got them up :)) but stupid me posted them in the forum but not here.

6 different colors plus the blue i already had. I made this dresses long ago, while i was doing them someone asked if i would add i gave it a first attempt of bra...was a huuuuuuuuge sisters laughed at me v_v but i fixed it, and i think it looks great ^^;; I have gotten a lot of cmplements on this dress, i never thought ppl would like it so much. It is not my first attempt on this kind of dresses is the first i make flexi, sexy and in so many colors.

Well here they are and a couple of chokers too...

Im working on more chokers, this time with more prim parts and 3 gothic lolitas, the piercings, hmm the shoes, eeep and more stuffs...if SL behaves i will put them soon up too ^^

Pd: if you talk to me in world...spare me the 'd' is not longer working in my keyboard so i have to copy/paste it from another sentence and sometimes i just forget. Sorry ^^;;;

Pd2: i bought more memory RAM and my power cord...yay v_v.......... 400US gah!

Friday, December 8, 2006


Ooooooh nooooooes we will have a new update this next Wed!!....when they havent finished fixing the ones from the last works but friendlist doesnt, IMs or IMs groups do not........wth??

On another note, after working very very slow due to all that is broken in SL, im about to finish the pictures for the dresses uff hehe was a lot of work. Almost...almost here :))

And i have been thinking this for a while now...i get a lot of notecards during the day, this can be invitations to malls, to collectives, to modeling shows, to sponsor events....offers of new scripted served vendors, offer of vendor space for free in exchange of part of my profits....yeah i can tell you i have recieved some weird ones. Today was not the exception...i got an invite to sponsor a university in SL...whut?? yeah i thought the same...a university that doesnt show on the search...and i dunno what kind of classes they give...Does anybody else gets this kind of notecards? o.o??

Well, i'll go back to finish my pictures. WOOT! yesh im very happy happy kitty!!

Im outta here!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Of Lace and Barbed Wire ;)

So its been said that the grid is under attack and if this is wonder i cant edit my L'Floa Eterna skirts and sleeves, meh its all im missing from this ones, and i wantedto put them out today....well im posting here a picture of the only one i have up for comes in other 6 colors, all rich and dark, from tabacco to rich dark green or velvety wine, 3 options of tops, sexy lingerie and flexi skirt and sleeves. All in detailed lace and satin.

I have all the pieces of cloths, im just missing the prim parts and i am working slow cus SL is not letting me attach them or rez them out. But they are all looking gorgeous, i love when the textures works in different colors and they dont lose quality or detail when you work with them. Hopefully i will have them out late today. I have been working on some shoes too, from this i have 4 different pairs, but again only been able to take pictures of 1 pair. Was fun making them tho, but difficult to get them to fit right, I think i like making boots better ;P.

I made Yule goth trees too!, yeah i was looking for some trees to decorate my store, the only ones that got near to what i wanted were the x-mas trees Baron Grayson made. As always his work is special, different, gothic and with perfect dark colors. But since i cant put a 45 prims tree in my store, i made my owns and why not...since ppl asked me for them, now they are for sale. They have a barbed wire all around that lights on and changes colors randomly in 3 different colors. I have them physically in my main store and in Club Industry.

I still need to take pictures of the new collection of piercings, this one will be called "The Dark Angel" and will be as "The Black Willow" collection a matching set of several extreme piercings with different attachment points. I made a goth blood vial too, grungy, dark and metalic looking. I still need to name it and take pictures too and some new lace chokers with ribbons and dark stones. Lets hope SL allows me to work on this pictures soon :) chacha!

Im outta here!!

PD....for some reason that i dont unedrstand yet...when you look for goth in the classified my store shows on first place, my traffic today and yesteray has been incredibly busy. Its the only bug i liked from this last update :P! Nyaaaaa!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Nightmare before christmas

Yesterday i was builing what would be the new place for Zona Cero, i was in my plataform over my furniture store and after finishing...a tinny 512x512 building. i linked parts of it and later trying to unlink them i got a weird message....

::Can't create objets in the parcel at 235,31,350 because the parcel owner doesnt allow it::

I didnt understand what was that, i tried again to unlink the wall nothing....then i edited it again and changed textures but i wanted to duplicate the wall and again same message...and then since i had my mini-map up i saw one of my objects was on the border of the sim...wth? i never moved the i went flying there and found actually a wall...but i couldnt move it...the axes or editing arrows would connect very far i thought another bug...i will relog...i relogged and when i come back i dont see the wall in my was actually out of my parcel in the corner of the sim...i moved it so i could pick it...nothing, again same message. I have to say this parcel i am working at is group owned, but i am one of the owners, the other is Nic, i should not have problems..... I deleted it and worked again and this happened again. So i thought since im up in the sky something is going wrong, i will go to the ground level in my house parcel...since this one is my land not group owned. I picked up the building and went to ground level, when i rezzed it it said it did put it out but i couldnt see anything, so i rezzed it again and nothing...i checked the prim amount...the building...both of them were in the parcel but not where i put them, i spent half an hour flying around looking for part of the building was floating at 350 meters on my neighbors land, duplicated and with missing pieces the rest was in a 512 plot next to the store land...wth?....well...someone told us to uncheck the entry object to all resident and leave the group only one checked...why? because ppl would rez objects outside the land and just drag them inside your land....NEW feature so it doesnt matter that you have building off they can drag stuffs in your land if they rez them out of yeah of course with the copybot and that, we thought was better to have it off...well it seems the owner cant rez stuffs in the land either, not even with the group tag on....and im wondering if this is how is supposed to work or its a bug...aaaaaah LL how fucked up is SL now really.

Another situation, i went to pay one of my rents and i got a message...i was not allowed in the i IMed one of the owners/admins and she was wondering if i disturbed somehow someone that banned me i said i never go there unless i have to pay rent (it is a gorean sim) she checked the ban list, i was not in it but still i couldnt come in the sim to pay my rent. ::growls:: All this weekend with the search broken...i had the luck that almost all my rents went due, it was the last 3 days i had to pay most of them and i dont keep LMs, i actually use the search thing!...It was a pain to look for ppl that actually had the LMs...oh but ad to this that somedays my money didnt show up so how to go pay my rents??

Not with out adding some sims my stuffs got returned, by accident...half of the markets got returned or the sims got cleared just cus another bug i had to go set back up like 5 places most of them have the markets floating on the air and...some were missing pieces of floor! yeah it has been so fun to play real businness this weekend that whatever you could thing....or imagine as your worst nightmare... actually became real.

Oh without mentioning the teleporting out and end up ruthed or ejected from my working plataform or bouncing on the floor and then fall from it, like if i were wearing this things that makes you jump very high, or poseballs that always acted normal, ejecting you to the air or prim hair stuck up my ass after teleporting....or totally deformed or....missing things from my inventory or...the change of titlers in MY groups for something like A`tüA3, or a new group i never ever joinned!...Or getting IMs days later than ppl actually sent them....editing prims and they poofing from my screen (this happened with the necklace i was making for the block party, and not even relogging would fix it) was a surreal weekend but it is not over yet. Makes me wonder if i havent had problems with my sales, are they showing all? or i have missing sales, as i have missing items and the like?

I need to go pay more rents and finish getting pictures done, struggling with the teleporters, and crash everytime i want to upload a texture. Im beyond madness or frustration. This is something i just need to deal with to be able to work in my stuffs and put them up for sale. I need money to pay for my internet, food and to help my family.... and to get me the parts my computer is needing.

Im outta here.

Monday, December 4, 2006

of pink dogs

I just want to share today this pictures my sister sent me (very low resoultion, they are from a cellphone)...this tinny thing you see is my dog Kamila, the one that most of the times is curled near me or bringing me her toy or chewing on my hands while i play SL, and yes she is wearing a pink tee that says on her back drama queen, one of my sisters thought it was funny and she bought

Well just wanted to share a smile with y'all.
Now im outta here...gotta sleep some.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

sneak peek ;)

*drum droll*.....well yeah after dealing and fighting with SL all day.... here what i have done for Zona cero :) Long and short sleeves printed tees, tucked and untucked versions.

Still have to clean stuffs and work on tinny details but, for the most part, this is it. I might use someone else as a model. ;P outta here!

Of buttons, tees and cupcakes....

The "remember here" button doesnt work blah im so lazy to type all my password and stufs hehe^^;;...well i got two things to say....or maybe three hmmm. First...there is another Keishii in SL...gaaaaaaah!...yeah that made me mad like for 2 seconds...well 5...ok, ok....10 seconds -.-!...but im over it...after almost 2 years someone else thought on using Keishii v_v call me silly but i was very happy being the only one ;P i said before in another post i have been making clothes like the ones i wear RL, moooooore or less. I am getting the feeling of it and having a lot of fun actually, i made a logo for them and all...and now i am pondering...what to do with them? yeah i didnt really stop to think that i was making -more- urban clothes...when there is many stores already? i dunno. I am very very proud of them cus they look great....but then again, there is alot out Don, Zab, Renegade, etc, etc...all with great designs and very high now i dunno...i worked on 6 tees for guys, 1 jacket, some jeans and stuffs for girls like tees, vintage bangles and belts, scarves....but now its...where would i put it...i even made a store? add it to Goth1c0? meh i dunno anymore D: Im adding the logos here....i love how they turned tho, same as my logo for goth1co and the one for entity, i really like them all. Arent they awesome? lol xD yaaaay go me ~coughs and comes back to earth, blinking~ eeer where i was? aaaah yeah so...where to sell them? i have a basement in gothico, i could use it to put some of this stuffs andd see how it does. I will take pictures later of the tees and post them here :)

Oh and third...who would be so kind to send my way some cupcakes from this little store near china town in NY? I have been wanting some since i found out starbucks made some for the holidays and after trying them and almost gagging with the super sweet un-natural flavor they have...i have been craving those. Funny thing, i miss from NY.... those cupcakes, my walks through 8th street, the japanese library near Rockefeller center, the veggie sandwiches from the store in the corner from where i used to li
ve, picking up random furniture from the street, the little space i had in the loft and drinking beers with Gina and Alex. Was an incredible time :) outta here!

PD im blog challenged geee! After the 4th atempt to post this...i hope this one works!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

*yawns with crystal watery eyes* This kitty is so not a happy camper....

god i suck!...i went to take a nap at 8:30 pm yesterday, i was so cold and feeling all shitty, we been having very bad weather lately, temperatures drop almsot to zero... i set up my alarm clock one hour later, after some time that i was sleeping, my dog barked and growled near me, waking me up...she lays near me, almost over my pillow and if she is not sleeping, she is just watching out, being a vigilante LOL...well someone walked near my door and she barked and growled...i woke up and i felt a huge headache, it was pounding very hard behind my nose and eyes, so i took an advil and went back to bed....i never ever heard my alarm! meeh -.- i hate when that happens cus of course i woke up at 4 am...with a lot of effort and feeling my nose stuffed and ichy and all my body hurting, i went back to sleep till 6:40 yaaaaaay wiiiiiiide awake now at 7:00 am :/

i was trying to finish this dress i was making but i just cant...yeah i think i do have a cold v__v; well ok i will go curl in bed and watch TV after having some food. *gets some cereal, drags pile of anime near and a warm blanket*

Found out the power adapter from my old powerbook works with this one YAY! i dont have to buy one now weee....

PD Holly shit!!!!...i read on the mac apple store site that lots of ppl have had problems with this power adapters needing to buy 2 or 3 or 4 or more during 1 or 2 years of having this powerbook...holly mackrel batman!! and it costs 79 US but...they are out of them!.....grrrrrrrr...i was lucky that someone forgot one at my sister job (she works in starbucks as a manager) and after 1 year that they never came back to ask for it, she gave it to me, so yeah i have used 2 and now the third that its from my old titanium.......and of course since they flick and they get broken so easily, i have to buy now a new rechargable battery, cus mine already died, and that will be 129 US.....and i wanted more memory *sighs* (512 mb for 150 US or 1 gb for 300 US) :'(

i so dont wanna know how much will all this costs here in Mexico!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Second Post....the rant in technicolor

soooooooooo....after hmm i dunno how i am again. When i created this account, dunno how i picked the beta option, of course i didnt pay attention to this little detail -BUT- in order to log in again, i have to go to beta...cus in the normal option of blogger my account doesnt exists, nothing, nada, it just says the username is not registered blah blah..... meh >>; But now that i know how does it works...yah...blogging.

I put out my first attempt of hair, this was made as a suggestion of some ppl i met in Club Industry...cyberpunk hairs...this happened months ago i looked for pictures, colors, names and the like...well i worked on 4 styles and i made a lot of textures for them. After going nutty with all the options of colors i could think of and making tons of combinations, i just dropped the project....why? would i put it for sale? if there were so many many options for them -singles packs or several colors in one? pick between those tons of colors nd delete some or keep all?- this and fighting with the constant crashing (for some reason my wireless connection dies everytime i try to texture more than 5 prims at the same time in one step so yeah a royal pain) and...finding out that someone else made them...i kinda lost interest ._. But some of my friends that saw them, kept asking me when i would put them up cu they wanted to buy them and well now they are up :P But they eat tons of prims, gah!!

~~Noam i totally hear you, there has been times that i am just standing in my home or store and noone talks with me at all and my brain is just so bored or numb that i cant come with ideas for new stuffs. It can pass 3 hours and the only thing i hear is the wind or music if i have some. There is when i started reading blogs or checking profiles or classifieds for any weird word i could came up with. I will talk with you more often tho ;) but for now i hope you get sorted out whatever happened.

Im still shoked for reading his decision D': and Canimal's and Willow's ones too quitting from PXP. Dunno what happened...what was so big to make ppl that seemed to be happy, be unhappy now? .-.

Im outta here!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1,2,3...testing, testing....

so yeah i gave in and i got a blog....i wanted to get it yesterday night cus i read somewhere, something that made me wanna write. But the bitchiness moment passed and i thought on it better. Might not be a good idea to post your first blog entrance giving out the kind of message i wanted to write. In the end whatever you write in your blog is your personal opinion and i went for that, at first i thought that just cus a lot of ppl say this last statement, you are justified to write in such ignorant manner -but- to each their own.

Well lets see...Goth1c0...i have been working in endless projects: destroyed jeans, more tees, even a new line of casual clothes for guys based in what i wear RL LOL, more gothic lolita's dresses, some rave wear, hairs, jewerly, boots, heels and piercings...all are in the process...what happened with all this?...well i start making something but it takes me so long to get it done that by the time i am half finished...someone else made something -similar- so this kind of projects start to pile up in my hard drive or in my inventory in SL.

But i thought the past days...even if someone thought on the same thing, it doesnt are not copying them, you had the same idea (there is nothing new under the sun) and you are making it accoding to whatever your own idea is...yeah *nods* soooooo well thats my goal now, finish all those projects and put them up for sale. To check what in my store is old and i will take them down (mostly cus im saving prims and some stuffs were built when i started looooooong time ago). But most important of all...stop stressing because there are way many more ppl, more talented than me. With many more ideas and even more idea on how to make a business sucessful in SL. I am me, i started my store without anyone help, and i have been around for a year and 5 months. Something its right in all. :)

Now im done ranting and i need to go, my coffee is cold i'm buying a tiny tea house! WOOT! <3

PD...i found a bug zapper!!!! omg its just...i want!! it v.v! go meee the faster shopper on SL *blows on wallet*