Friday, February 7, 2014

The Thrift Shop Round 4.0

Another round for The Thrifty, so i got up 2 exclusive items at a special price and 3 gachas, so dont miss out this round, tons of special items at a discounted price.

Brocade Jeans with phat azz appliers and many colors to pick from, all layers included.
Leather texture top, snake leather belt, dress in 5 standard sizes and lolas appliers too.

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Final Fantasy Festival specials!

So when i got the notecard about this event i was like OMFG!!! i loooove the movie from Final Fantasy...Advent Children, i love the characters and all. So of course i had to join. For this event i made a leather outfit with a jacket and pants, it looks very cool. It will last only 2 weeks and its to celebrate the opening of the role play sim for this community. So dont miss it!!

For more information and pics of the other exclusive items you can find at the festival, check the post Seraphim made about it :)

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I'm Alive!!!

I know i been M.I.A since december, i dont know how to explain it all so lets keep it simple. Like i said on my lasts posts i got really sick and well, taking cold meds and sleeping a lot is not a good mix when you suffer of depression too. It took me sometime to get better but i'm here and back and strong again :) Thanks for all the messages of concern i got, i missed you all too!! I hope you all had amazing holidays, now lets make this year a great one neh?

I'm changing many things at the store, retaking pics, removing old items, adding appliers and making space for new items. So stay tunned, there is a lot to come!!

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