Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Zombilicious girls

This is the first time i participate in the event of Horror Haute, and im so happy to be in it. As a goth designer i always had an attraction for all horror, bloody, dark, zombies and oscure side of things. So now is my chance to create items on this side. I have some in my store but not that many and i wanted to create more. The Designers part of this group have to create something in this theme and set it out for sale at 50, 100 or 200 L, so join the group, check the list and come get some bloody dark items from some of the best dark designers in SL.

For the may round i made a Zombie Prom dress, i had a lot of fun designing it. The skirt fabric is printed with some of the most representative horror characters: the momie, dracula, a werewolf and frankestein. The top has the words B is for Braaaains on the front and i added some cute undies printed with Zombie girl on the butt to make a zombilicious girl outfit hehe. 2 flexi skirts of different length included in the pack and only 150L for it. You can come to my mainstore and get it if you like it :)

Men Only Hunt 2

The second edition of this awesome hunt is happening now, im part of it and i got a very nice hunt gift. A black pants with orange fabric, all the items in this hunt had to have some color so my version is this amazing pants with sculpted cuffs. The gifts in this hunt are for guys but some designers put inside the box an option for girls. I know mine can fit girls so if you like it come and get it in my mainstore!!

To check more of the gifts in this hunt go to this link. There is awesome gifts from great designers, you dont wanna miss.

Friday, May 11, 2012

New release @ Goth1c0 Yay for Mesh!

Lots of new items this time around. Mesh items included.

First my first mesh, a necklace with a mesh heart and sculpted chain. Very heavy looking, be careful to not break anyones head with this if you swing it. Resize script included.

Sculpted earrings with crosses and spikes. Dark Glam looking. I love this ones.

Spikes, chains and skulls...plus latex, this boots are the perfect mix. Rwaar! Resize script included, pair of boots for old viewers and pair of boots that works with alpha.

I called this ones Burn my soul cus of the drawing they have on the back and the melting feeling i get from the gradient color of the fabric. The hood is sculpted and has some details strapped to it.

This ones are cuuuute. Comes in 6 different sets. 3 corsets in each set and only 69L each. All layers included.

Find all this in my main store or tomorrow in my marketplace one! :)  Hope you like it.