Saturday, December 4, 2010

December is Here!!!

Wow how fast this year passed really, im still amazed of this. Well as december enters in our lifes, for some cold sets in and is time for hot drinks, warm blankets and jammies and of course... The Twisted Krissmuss event!! :D of course im in it and i made a super special outfit for this year event.

Is a dress with lots of options and yes only for 100L, is tansfer so you can give it as a gift or just buy it for yourself. I hope you like it as much as i do.

I made it in 10 fabulous colors!! Get your xmas gifts for you or your friends!!

Stay tunned ^^

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dirty Turkey Hunt!!

I'm proud to announce that Goth1c0 is part of this big hunt!! woooo....dont miss it, the hunt item has a size that makes it easy to find. I got a metal piercing as a gift, im missing the pic of it cus my computer doesnt want me to take pics...everytime i click snapshot button, i crash. But i will post it soon, promise.

And stay tunned im in the making of some very sexy outfits ;P

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I so love this time of the year so many hunts and events related with halloween, día de los muertos or just plain scary things, dont you love it too?

Im part of the Falling into Madness hunt and i'm very pleased to say that my gift is a tattoo, my first one, i know 5 years and i never tried a different kind of tattoo...check the pick to see it :D Hope you like it and stay tunned i'm working on new things!!

This is the blog of the hunt here, check it for hints, pics of other gifts and stores participating!! Have fun!

And here is one of the latest things i have made...punk pants!! I called them Sex Pistols lol they come for now in yellow but soon i will have the rest of the colors up, hope you like them!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And is time for some Twisted gifts!!!

Ooooh hi there! you thought i was gone? not yet neeenheee...struggling with some stuffs here but i'm still alive. My computer decided to burn down, so i'm using an old one and i can tell you it sucks big time, but enough rant. I got news, few for now cus of what i said before but non the less very YAYness ones so lets move onto them...

The famous Twisted Hunt is back, I'm of course part of it so don't miss it!! is some info about it: It starts today at midnight and ends at the end of the month. It runs through a lot of amazing stores, some new to the hunt, some old ones like me. Check the blog for the Twisted Hunt for more info and the list of stores participating.

I got an amazing gift out, i looove it i called it Darkling and is this sweet grey skin, with matching sculpted ears and purplish-red eyes, all new. Don't you just love how it looks? I will be posting the styling card of it in my flickr and later in the blog too.

I missed other events i was going to be part of, like the official openning of Club Industry District and other hunts, meh you don't know how much i hated this. I'm back tho, half back...but here, if you contacted me in the past days pls contact me again or Ania Svarog, my inventory doesn't load completely since my puter is old and gags with it (time for a cleaning i think, 5 years of inventory is passing me the bill too) Well people i hope you enjoy the hunt and aaah i will be having special offers during it. Good luck and best wishes :D muaaah!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Leather OMG :O!

I sorry for being quiet the past 2 weeks, i had so much going on, first i went to Six flags and got my neck and back very bad hurt in one of the rollercoasters T_T bwaaaa but im back and im ok YAY!!

And after struggling and fighting with SL, i finally got done some super cute dresses, since some time ago i wanted to create a super cute, leatherish dress, so here it is, the Leather Doll dress, it has so many pieces you are able to create many outfits from just this one, or mix it with other of your clothes so you can get many looks, as many as your imagination can come up with. The dress has 21 pieces, comes in 13 colors, and has very sexy ad-ons like garters, thong, socks, tall waist belts, sheer shirt, flexi skirt and so on, check the pics so you can see all of it.

This just some of the pics of the dresses there is more colores.

I made my first flexi prim skirt, it has a little cute sculpted skull, sculpted chain links, belt and leather texture too, it has a resizing script that helps to make the fitting easier. Plus in the package you get some kawaii undies that fits the skirt and cover your bits hehe xD

You can get them in Xstreet too, sorry for not giving individual links but here is the link for all my products.

I restocked the lucky chair and you get a special color in my mobVendor, so stop by the store and check it out. TP to the store in world

If you have pictures wearing some of Goth1c0's clothes or accesories, pls share them with me in my flickr group, i always forget to promote it, im a spaz e.e!
Goth1c0's Flickr group

keep tuned i got more under my sleeve ;D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leather, rips and studs...

So this week was kinda not so good, had to rebuild the store cus i got it sent it back...long story blegh. But on the good news is, i used this to change the building just a bit and move things around. And my new release is out too.

I got asked to make the girls version of this 2 outfits i made the past week for the guys. So here they are. Now you can dress alike with your guy hehehe. The Ripped Heart outfit with low waist grungy jeans and ripped tank top. Comes in all layers and has sculpted leg cuffs.

Available in Xstreet too here

The Cocodrilo Dundeee jacket too, but the girls get an extra version of this one, the short version so you can wear it and show your tummy if you want. It comes in every layer possible, sculpted neck, sculpted cuffs, sculpted shoulder pads with or without studs.

Available in Xstreet here

Leather pants with stitches, this new version of leather pants is more detailed than the previous ones i have made and comes with sculpted leg cuffs. Sexy, hot...realistic leather pants.

In Xstreet here

And i made some gloves in different colors, leather ones too. They come in 8 color package. You can mix and match it with whatever you want.

Here if you want to buy in Xstreet

And this week i kept the special offer of this dress in Xstreet, half priced so dont miss it. Sexy dress in purple comes in all layers possible so you can leave it transparent and show your belly or wear all the layers and make it less transparent :D

Here is the link to Xstreet

Friday, June 4, 2010

New dresses :O!!!

This week i made some sexy, very sexy dresses for the girls...they have belts on the back, mesh on the front that if you mix all the layers then its not transparent, or wear it single and show your tummy tats.

They come in all layers and 9 colors to pick from :D

You can find them in Xstreet too here

This one in Xstreet here

In Xstreet too here

In Xstreet here

Special offer 50% off in Xstreet in this color, buy it here

Friday, May 28, 2010

One for the guys YAY!....

Well i didnt have time to finish taking pics of the girls things i got, and since im not gonna be around this weekend, im releasing just the things for guys i made this week. Hope you like them and have a great weekend!! Now unto the stuffies....

First a leather jacket...cocodrile leather jacket with studs, shoulder pads and sculpted cuffs. Its an amazing addition to any of your outfits, edgy, rebel, daring...super sexy, just check the pick. Comes in all layer possible and is available in Slxtreet too: Cocodrilo Dundee Jacket

Then i made a ripped outfit, dirty but sexy too. It has a tank top with ripped parts and black jeans with ripped fabric and sculpted leg cuffs. In all layer possible too and available in Slxtreet too: Ripped Heart

And finally to finish your look, i made some leather gloves with white tape around the fingers and the wrist. They come in 3 versions: clean, muddy and bloody. You pick which one fits you better, very nice done...i love how they look. Available in SLxtreet too: Leather Gloves

Friday, May 21, 2010

Dare to walk around SL looking this hot?

I made this outfit following another trend, hehe yes i know lately im doing that a lot, but this are trends i like a lot. This one has to do with leather and sheer fabrics. So many singers are using on their videos or concerts this kind of fabric mix and i think it looks so femenine, sexy and hot...and not innocent at all of course.

The skirt is tall waist with a panel of black leather on the front with metallic pins that forms a triangle, it has on the sides sheer fabric so you can see the underwear too, then on the back is completely transparent, only black sheer fabric. Then i made a leather bra with lace and another open bra that complements it, you can wear them together or separated, showing or not your boobs. See i told you, is not an innocent looking outfit, it comes with stockings and a little leather black thong, it comes in all layers so if you wear both layers of the skirt the sheer part turns to be not so transparent, just a tip hehe....dare to walk looking this hot? Sticky and sweet is for you then.

You can buy this outfit in SLstreet too: Sticky and Sweet

For guys i made this plaid pants with tons of details...zippers, metallic pins, bondage rings, you name it...they come too in all the layers possible and they got sculpted leg cuffs. Mix it with your fav jacket, or your punky tee...the detail on this pants is amazing. I love them :D they can be unisex too as the waist is kinda low.

Available in Slstreet too: Nightmare plaid pants

Next i made some tees for guys, black tees that come in all the layers possible and they have sculpted sleeve cuffs.

Available in Slstreet too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Militia has arrived, sing yourself in at Goth1c0

Oh i got new outfits for you guys and gurls! mhmmm and i love them really. Ok but first some news, the FallenAgnel Hunt will start tomorrow 15th and im excited to be part of it, dont miss it only few designers participating. On other things, i joinned this incredible group called Thrifty Goth, pure goth peeps, yep...if you havent heard of it, come to my store there is a poster at the entrance with the info and the link to join the group. Another group i joinned is Whats New in SL? check the blog or the group to keep updated in the latest releases of many many designers, i have a kiosk of them in the store :D Now unto the releaseeees!...

First of all a girls outfit, inspired in all the military fashion trend that is going on around and its full of details, just check the pictures. It comes with black bra and black thong, black nipple bandaids so you dont show your goodies if you dont wanna, the dress comes in open and closed version, with garters, double or single stocking. Sculpted shoulder pads and neck collar. Tons of ways to wear it, so have fun with it.
Available too at SLstreet, buy Milicia here

And now one for guys, sexy, urban, hot outfit with wool black long vest, white tee with sculpted sleeves, high detailed jeans in blue with sculpted legs, comes in all layer posible. So you can mix and match it with whatever you like.

Buy Poisoned Venom in SLstreet too

I restocked the lucky chair and the discount 50L wall and new item on the MobVen so come to the store dont miss this as they will change soon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Wishes comes true at Goth1c0

I worked a lot but i turn all lazy when it comes to take pics in world, specially cus now i bought this photo-studio thing where i can control the intensity of lights and colors and tons of more options and i thought it was going to be super fun and faster to my old method, but turned to be quiet a hassle cus i'm not used to it yet, so im fighting intensity lights, settings, backgrounds and all, i hate when the pictures gets somehow deformed from the original image and then the colors look different and so on. But ok enuff chatty here the new things! :D

Have you hear the....underwear as outwear thing that is going on around? well this is my contribution to it woooo!!!

Dark Desires corset

I made this corset/dress/outfit cus i had in mind this image i saw of a long corset that turned into a dress but not fully a dress, erm something like that hehe...ok so well with this in mind i designed this one, with brocade texture on the boobs part, long string cords on the back and gathers with black stockings, it comes with a black string too, super cute btw with ribbons. Metallic details of course and different colors to pick from.

It is in my opinion, sexy and hot. Comes in all layers possible and i included the styling card too.

The exXposed girl outfit is set in store now after the Alternative Fair is over, i hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for your support!! Here some pics of it so you can see it.

I put this one in the MobVendor and if you get enough people in the store the price will drop quiet a bit so dont miss it!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alternative Fair is Open now :D

Come check it out, im surrounded by very talented designers and the place is just awesomish! its inspired in old swampish Louisiana, with coloful little hoods. The place was designed thinking on making it easy to travel around and to be almost lag if you have time come check it out!! i took some pics to show you how it looks, so here they are :D

This is my it!

Look up or down the street, the stalls of the other designers. Very interesting creations and some are new to me.

Its a fantastic place, i really love how it looks and this are only the ones around me, come check the rest...over 50 alternative designers with tons of things for you!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alternative Fair and lots more!

Soooo much to tell today! OMG ok first...i'm participating in the very first Alternative Clothing Fair in SL, yep you heard will be featuring over 50 designers in Punk, Rock, Gothic, Grunge, Lolli, Visual Kei, Cyberwear and many other styles of Alternative Clothing, Skins, Hair and Accessories. It will be held on the sims of Pulse, Nomine, Sn@tch City and New Kadath Sims from April 22 to May 2th. I got a stall there as some of the best alternative designers from all around SL, there will be events, we got some freebies and of course the most important thing, we all joinned to support and raise funds for "Nothing but Nets" our chosen charity of this year.

So dont miss out this massive event that is done for a good cause :D

Now i made an outfit to help raise funds for "Nothing but Nets" i called it eXxposed girl and its very sexy, i made the shortest mini skirt ever :O and a very sexy top with sculpted collar and cuffs. Check it out, i love it and it comes in 6 colors.







Love them all :D

Now i made a Gothic/steampunk suit for guys that has 27 pieces in total, comes in all layers possible. Its sexy and inspired in some elegant but flirtly vampire, its looks hooot! Check it out... "Vampire in Love"

And i made an EGL with lots of options too, 3 different skirts, gathers, top, corset, jacket with sculpted collar and cuffs and socks. I love how this one looks really.

And finally for the Alt Fair i made some tight latex pants and they are almost free!! So come check them out dont miss it :D

Is all for now!! Stay tuned i got lots of more in the workshop ;D