Monday, August 8, 2011

Lots of news @ Goth1c0

First of all...for the guys, a biker jacket made in leather with metal details and a print logo on the back. Includes a resizer script for easy fitting. Sculpted parts: hem, neck, cuffs sleeves, belt.

Then i have for the girls a cuuute outfit, a hoodie dress with lots of sculpted details. Cords, a polaroid so you can include your favorite pic and show it around, safety pins, hoodie, tall neck, long sleeves. Comes in many colors and is mod/copy so you can change the pic on the polaroid everytime you want.

And finally a super short mini corset skirt with sculpted cords. Comes in many fabrics and colors. Is cute and sexy, and if you dont like to show your crack xD mix it with some long tanks or some hoodie, sweater...just something long and voila! a cute look!

I'll add all of this into the marketplace sometime soon, in the midtime you can find them in my mainstore. Hope you like all i made this week, im gonna be part of the Platinum hunt 2 this month and i made something for the guys, if you want more info on this, stop by at the store and click on the poster on the wall!! Keep tunned, i got more to come soon :)