Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Clothing Fair!!

The clothing Fair will be openning its doors tomorrow 26th. There is a big list of designers that had set up their stores to show some of their creations and im among them woaa yeah :D woooo!

Here some pictures of my store over there. Come check around and dont forget to vote for your favorite designer ;D

Come check it out...dont miss it i tell you all is for a good cause, supporting RFL ;P

Ciaos bellos

New Gothic Lolitas, Clothing Fair & RFL

I put a lot of work on this two...they seemed to be harder to do than the others, but im pleased with the result. And i started making them cus of the Clothing Fair, that will be openning tomorrow from 26th to the 30...i hope to see you all over there.
And without more to say....

Innocent Dream

I designed this cute loli to raise funds for the RFL, you can find it in the Clothing fair or my two stores or the Block. This is a sweet lolita in pink with details in white, it has a ruffed shirt and a sweater with little skulls as part of the fabric details, includes the little top hat, white gloves, white flexi cuffs, top and flexiskirt. All the money will go to Relay for life. So look for the RFL vendor in the stores and if you like it be kind and donate.

Beautiful lie

Then i have the nemesis of this lolita, the Beautiful lie, this is an elegant gothic lolita in black with details in white and pink, little skulls in white as part of the pattern in the fabric. Socks, little top hat with ribbons and flowers, flexi skirt, flexi cuffs, glitch pants and gloves.

Well off i go to work on more stuffs, i got to finish so much.
Bayis ;D

Friday, April 20, 2007

New Release!! ;D

Woot well i finally got myself to make pictures of this outfits..i really love how they look...the Bewitched Neko has a cute detailed top in paid with studs, pins and belts with a ragged corset in the shirt layer. Then a mesh long undershirt that you can use alone or combined. The flexi skirt is mod and is done with plaid and studs. The set has glitch pants and mesh stockings. I made 6 colors and a fat pack.

Then for us guys The Angel of Death, a set with pants and shirt with belts, studs and bondage rings; plus a set of flexi Wings studded and with bondage rings as well, to finish the look.

The Oscuritate Cloak is flexi and has this red stone as a pin. Then the trapped wrist bands, with little spikes and metalic bucklet.

Later i will post more stuffs cus i have tons more ;D bear with me for a little will ya ^^

Hope you all like them! off i go :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

F*cking copy cats!

Ok this just sucks big time *GROWLS* searching the forums i found this....WTF? i mean....she had the face! to post it in the forums!!!...her quality sucks of course but still she asks 360 L for this OMFG! and she copied even the glitch on my skirt...i mean...the wrong prims i saw later after starting selling it ...she even copied them WTH??? really this makes me want to go slap someone really hard, this is the second time she decived me...bah she is not worth even mentioning her...but i want to get this out of my chest...really sucks!!! Cant you have enough brain to create your own stuffs??!!. I mean ok yeah copy the hat...ok well copy the skirt i didnt invent the prims! BUT YOU COPIED THE WHOLE THING?!?? and ya know i didnt invent the prims but clearly you can see that skirt...i came up with it!...geesh -.-