Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Angel of Death

Gothic outfit revamped...and oldie but goodie one. I got requested to make this outfit in different colors in many occasions but i never gave myself the time to do it. With the changes in the MP i will be revamping some of the old ones and taking down some others. But ok unto the pics :)

It comes with ripped flexi sarong, sculpted belt, sculpted collar with buckles, flexi wings, pants, jacket and shirt. 6 colors to pick from. Fallen angels, demons, vampires...get your looks!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Whore Couture Fair

A Fair full of talented designers...some old, some new, but all of us teamed to bring one theme. All of us created pieces for this fair and they have down price in the venue plus we have space to display some of our products, from jewelry, skins shoes to clothes of course. If you like to put your sexah on, come check this fair, you dont want to miss it!!

I made some leather pants or chaps, you know how much i love leather, that are cut off. With very realistic texture, i added to the pack some cute undies that matches the pants and of course sculpted cuffs. They come in several colors. The design is edgy, sexy and dark.

A mini dress with fur details in 4 different kind of fur. That comes with stockings and undies too.

And some black denims, pulled on one side, studs on the pockets, realistic textures and sculpted cuffs.

Displayed in the pics:
Goth1c0: My Ouija Necklace
Goth1c0: Ankle plain boots

You can find all of this at my inworld store too, in case you cant get in the Whore Couture sim, we been having full sim since the fair started. To get a LM to the Fair venue click on the poster in the entrance of my inworld store.

Stay tunned for more events and releases in the near future from us!!

Twsited Hunt Spring 2012

Is that time of the year again where many stores get their twisted on and create special hunt gifts and other special items, gatchas, mini hunts, sales, etc... for y'all. Im part of course and i made for this year hunt a twisted tattoo. The theme this year is arcane and my tattoo is full of symbols and meanings in this theme. I hope you like it. There is 170 participating this year so dont miss out!

There is a flickr group in case you want to check the prizes and an inworld group where people is nothing but twisted but very nice and help you with hints all around the hunt.

I'll have a special sale during this hunt, just stay tuned to find out more about it :)