Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goth1c0 @ Whore Fair 2013!!

Is back! the Whore is back....and im part of it, The Whore fair now is 2 sims and lots of exclusive designs from many of the best designers in SL. I made some exclusive items for it....they are yummy and sexy, dont miss this event, last year was amazing and this year sure will be better. I made a mini black dress with a twist, you know me :P it couldnt be just any black dress. It has the back uncovered, a rigged mesh collar in 3 sizes, gloves, multi garters and a cute revealing thong. And for the other item i made some cute tees with garters oh yeah! your tatas will not scape from the fabric. Good idea eh? they come in solid and sheer version and of course i included the lola appliers on both. Hope you like them and stop by at my store in the Whore Fair sims. See you there :)

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tainted Love...

I'm part of the Tainted Love Hunt and it started the come to the store to get this cute collar with a zombie bear clipped to it. If you know what is this hunt about, you will be pleased to find many great designers with a twisted side on what this so known love month should be. This hunt is a 1L hunt. So i assure you, you are getting very nice gifts and you dont want to miss this out!

Here is the link for he Tainted Love Hunt blog where you can find all the participant stores and the hints for the gifts.

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