Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kawaii French Maid ~^.^~

So finally i got to make my first french maid dress, after making the keywatcher and having fun with the apron and all, i decided i wanted to put up a French Maid dress, classy but modern...antique but perfect for many things.

It comes in several colors and is full of details. The heavy long skirt makes it look fluffy but sweet, it has socks, bloomers, shirt, sculpted prim sleeves, sculpted neck with ribbon tie.

I put in my main store in gemmed and the one in icewater...Check them out :D

And finally, as spaz as i am, i lost the invitation for the Goth Fashion Fair, yeah i got it, i read it and then i dont know what i did with it. Yesterday night i found this other blog i was checking too and they mentioned it. Well i contacted both owners and im finally included in both...the SL Goth Directory and the Goth Fashion Fair.

My power was comming and going but i set up part of my booth...the Goth Fashion Fair will start on 1st May and will last till May the 17th. So dont forget to come and have a look, a lot of the best goth designers are participating and there is events, concerts and fashion shows. Dont miss it :D