Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goth1c0 has a thing for guys!! :O

OMG...i totally forgot to blog about my last release, im such a baka ARGH!!...(Note: Baka = silly in japanese :D) ok so i forgot and well the reason is that im on i unno, cus i just feel my fingers eerking or whatever, my head so full of ideas that i cant even sleep, cus i have to draw them down to not forget, then im working on something and CHAN another idea, so yeah i dunno why but i feel so inspired, so full of energy, so...sooooo creative and well my pretty little puter is working well and behaving woooo!! so...i hope you all like what im creating lately ^^ ok enuff with that and to the release i forgot to post.

First i made a jacket for guys :O oooooh yeah it has been so long since i havent done things for guys i know but i got a lot in the works and the first newly baked one is this long jacket in black. Perfect to mix with jeans, leather, whatever...feeling fancy? goth? rebel? urban? mix it with whatever you like, it just works!! I looove how it looks, how the textures looks..everything and it has sculpted prims. Its sexy, is HOT!!

And for girls i made this bracelets, they are glam, fancy, goth, heavy...METALLIC!!! yeah and they got letters and it says BITCH! oh yeah, dare to wear them babes and yell to the world you are THE bitch, not just any biatch ;P

Ok for now is all, i gotta go back to finish this goth vampyr/steampunk suit im making and a gothic lolita that has some steampunk/industrial touches and they are looking amazing, i just love how they look! So stay tuned :D