Monday, January 31, 2011

Twisted love @ Goth1c0?...

Im part of many events this next months. I got invited to the Clothing Fair of this year again and im super excited for this too. Some hunts and releases. Febraury is the love month and i know not everybody celebrates it or has someone to celebrate it with, but we dont need anyone to love ourselves and to celebrate that love. So to celebrate this time, i got help from a very good friend of mine guestier Balut :D and here is what we came up with...2 necklaces and i leave the pics to say everything (soon they will be available in the marketplace store too) "My heart and a kneedle and Sing me your sorrows", sculpted and highly detailed necklaces.

The Tainted Love Hunt from Feb 01th to Feb 28th, whose theme is everything but the nice romantic love St. Valentines Day celebrates; obsessional love, love of pain, loving someone to death, the love of the suicide pact, these are the types of themes this hunt explores. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted, and talented designers and builders in Second Life.

For this one i made a hoodie with a bleeding heart showing off from a ribcage. Simple message eh? and you get the idea...what is your tainted love? Do you have one?

Im part of the Dark Katz Hunt too, and it runs from Feb 05 to March 05. What im making for the hunt, not yet finished hehe so check later for the pics on what will the hunt item be.