Friday, December 9, 2011

My Frozen Skull @ Twisted Krissmuss

So this year, as the same as the past ones, im part of the Twisted Krissmuss event. If you dont know of this event, well many merchants create new items and put them for sale for 100L, making them transfer, to supporting all the users in SL that wants to make gifts to their special someones or friends. There is a wide variety of items, from outfits to pets or skyboxes, so come to my store, click on the kiosk and get the LMs for the rest of the stores participating, you can check the flickr group too and see the items others are offering. I hope you enjoy this event as much as we enjoyed creating things for it.

Now unto the outfit. I made some courdoy pants and knitted sweaters. They come with sculpted parts that are modify. The sweater has tinny skulls knitted all around in different colors and they are 100L.

We are in with my furniture store too, Entity, that is next to my main store in gemmed. Come check what we got :)