Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to Black

Im part of the Back to Black event, created by the talented group of CHIC management. This event is an awarness event, to bring more information about some mental diseases to the Second Life community. To inform others on this, sharing information of many many of them like bulimia, depression, anorexia nervosa, etc. The place is full with the items of many designers that are supporting this event. Around them you can find walls and columns with information of this mental diseases. Please take the time to come and check what we have for you. Again, i repeat, it is an awarness event, not a charity event, there is no fund raiser for anything. Keira, the organizer of this event, thinks that sharing information is also very important to bring knowledge on what many people is suffering every day, i share her views on this, suffering depression myself for many years and getting to know people that doesnt know anything about this is something that i had dealt many times, even my family refuses to learn more on what i have, why? i dont know...but if i can change the view of one person, if i can make one person read on this and learn something about mental diseases, i will be glad too. So yes, im here to support this event, come support it with the rest of us. Read all the info on the walls and if you feel like it buy some of the special items many designers created for it. Big hugs...

This is the dress i made for this event, if you want to visit the venue of Back to black, come to my main store and click on the poster i have by the entrance, you will get the LMs and notecards with more information. I hope to see many of you there :D