Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Angel with no Wings

So inspiration came to me in the form of this outfit, an angel trapped hehehe. The top has bondage rings on the front and the back and long sleeves, a mesh sheer under top that can be worn separtedly, 2 kind of skirts, flexi and mini skirt. Big sculpted collar and cuffs with bondage rings too. Gartered socks included. The outfit is sexy, is edgy and dark. Comes in 9 colors.

And then i made this cutie!! dont you love him? yes is a Latex Bunny!! it comes with a gas mask and a spiked collar with bondages rings too. Yes! the perfect plushie for any latex fetish girl uh?!! Includes a holding animation so you can hug him tight. Isnt he perfect? I think he is *smiles*

You can find both of this releases in my main store.

This wednesday im part of the GFW in my Jersey Shore location, you can buy my release in pink for only 99L!! this special offer last only one day!

I'm part of the "Spring is Here Hunt" at the Jersey Shore sim too, come and get some amazing things! You can get the LM in my store just click on the poster by the entrance.

PD: Psst Join our group inworld, in this comming days i have a surprise comming, so dont miss out!