Monday, October 8, 2012

Letal and danger...a hard mix

This set "Alma Negra" is a mix of letal and dark braceletes made in leather and metallic chains, wrist bands with metal spikes and resize script to get a better fit. Also claw shaped nails with more metallic details.

The nails have sculpted details like chains, crosses and spikes and i included a HUD that allows you to hide or show any of this details. It has too, the option to fix the hands, to resize the nails to fit bigger hands, to change the color of the nails, etc. Pick from 5 different options for your nails in bright red and black, carefully crafted textures to give the letal look this set has.

This set screams danger! all the way around. Slap someone with this nails and they are going to have a permanent scar. Buy it here on marketplace or here inworld.