Friday, December 7, 2012

More events @ Goth1c0, cus is Xmas time!

Yep is xmas and i like this time of the year, i like the cold weather specially and the huge dinners with family and friends and that. But as you know the economy in SL or RL is not the best one and it sucks to celebrate this time of the year without presents...soooo im part of the Krissmuss 2012 tour, you dont know about this? ooooh allow me to explain. A bunch of stores in SL gather together to release special items and we all put them out for only 100L plus they are all transfer, so you can pick some of this releases and gift them to your friends for a very very low price! How amazing is that? Well so come to my store, the kiosk is on the right side of the entrance and you can get the catalog with some of the pics of the items, LMs to the participating stores and of course  you can check the items i made, cool eh? Here are the pics....remember all of this is only 100L and they are transfer.

> Shopie's collar with black pearls: Sculpted collar with beads and a mesh flower.

> Lilith's Agony set: Leather pants, Black top with lace, black leather gloves and sculpted boots with spikes and vertebrae bones heels.

> Mesh Boundage corset in black leather, 5 standard sizes and alpha layer included

> A very cute goth santa, full avi all in mesh, it has a full alpha layer so you can wear it no matter what size is your avi. Cute and goth!!

> Lilith's Agony laced top in 5 colors. 2 layers for each.

Twisted Krissmuss 2012 Flickr in case you want to check the rest of the releases at the tour.

and Goth1c0's Flickr group join and share your pics with us :)

>TP to the store