Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goth1c0 is moving out....

After living for a loooong time in the same neighborhood in SL, we are moving. Why? long story short...we got hit by a griefer, this is not the first time of course but i always counted on LL to come help me with this, since my plot of land has protected land all around and griefers seems to find always the exact spot where to rezz things so i cant return them. Before, at other times, i would ask help using support live chat and they would show up right away, now? well they dont work all night and i had to wait around 8 hours for them.  So i decided to move from there.

So...bye bye Gemmed, hi Nolan :) The store at Gemmed will still be there for another week or so, then it will be gone. If you look for the new one, please check my profile or here for the LM or the slurl.

Have a good one guys :)