Sunday, November 3, 2013

Goth1c0 @ The Rockabilly Fashion Fair

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair is open ladies and gentlemen and it has a ton of goodies for y'all. Yep you read right, each store has exclusive items for both. So ladies grab your man and go have some good time. The sim is super cute built and there is a lot of designers broadcasting exclusive items!! Will be open from Nov 3th to the 23.

I made a ton of exclusives and i had more in the oven but not enough time to release them all, so here the ones i could finish and the rest will be up in my store soon :)

First for the ladies!
Vintage militar uniforms, point pencil dresses and cardigans.

And now for the guys! Some open shirts, t-shirts and original 100% rigged mesh jeans with belt and wallet chain!

The Rockabilly Fair will run from Nov 3th to Nov 23.
If you want to know more about this event check the official blog check more of the designers participating in the event check on seraphim blog.

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