Monday, December 16, 2013

Gothmas by Gaslight and me!!

I been so sick lately, taking so many meds and sleeping so much that i'm out of the loop. I haven't been this sick in about 9 years, buuuu. If you sent me a notecard and i havent answered, please bear with me a bit, i'm still sick but im trying to get back at you ASAP.

So when the apps went out for the Gothmas, i was i dunno where and i missed them, but i got to be on the waiting list and well, i made it in, in the end :) i will have a special exclusive out soon, promise. But come check my store, the sim and what others have to offer!! From Dec 15th to Jan 5th, the darkest gothmas of all. If your closet has space for more black clothes and cool accesories, plus some really nice furnitures, come and visit! See you over there :D

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