Monday, March 10, 2014

A little update from my side....fresh starts and all

On february 14th my computer died on me, that day i woke up and tried to come online to work on the events i had ahead, i was rebuilding my store too, i needed to pick up some prims from other places and i had to pay some rents, to pay the fee for new events and so on....but my computer died. I tried everything to make the hard drive work again, in the end nothing i did worked, you can imagine how i was feeling all afternoon. After some thought and after calling apple to see what i needed to do to get my hard drive fixed, i decided to get a new computer...yeah it was time. So i ordered it and it arrived 15 days later. If you read one of my previous posts i was not around in SL through half december and almost all january so rough start of a year for me but back, fortunately i could resolve some of the problems, i had help from some of my friends and i managed to finish on time for the Whore Couture Fair and to pay the fee entrance for other events that i was facing deadlines. Of course i have new problems like, no back up of my last months work, no new fonts on this computer, i lost many of my passwords, links and info but Im slowly getting there.

If you sent a notecard during this days and i haven't got back at you, probably i did not get it, so send it again please. Im trying to solve as much as i can each day so be patience :) to all that wondered and asked if i was ok, thanks for your concerns too ^^

An advice to the rest...make sure you keep an updated backup of your work and most precious items you keep in your computer...DO NOT trust that technology will do it for you as i computer was supposed to back up with the time machine and my hard drive every week, i had it scheduled but no back up happened, the OS kept sending reports that was done with the back up but neeeeh nothing got saved, so check that once in a while, because is painful to start from scratch believe me ;) The bright side of this is well i have a new computer and now i can move around SL without so much lag and just that is amazing. Thanks for reading this...if you made it until now hehe...