Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feeling greatful....

There has been a lot going on at the store, many events, sales events, discounted items, many new releases, updated store spaces, walls, pics and adds. Behind all of this, there has been many sleepless nights, a lot of stress, many rushes to finish on time setting up for one or another event. A lot of time spent checking different sites run by the groups that do events in SL so i don't miss them, many hours spent in planning, designing and just thinking what to do for the next event, many meals skept, many lonely nights working at my skybox, feeling my eyeballs will drop off my face at any moment. Today i'm tired..... sometimes my brain is just like a bland thing not wanting to work, he! just so tired. When i'm done with one of the events or two or three that i have and all i want is to sleep for hours, i realize that i didn't answer notecards, i didn't update my marketplace or the store with the items from other events, i didn't send the blogger pack in the event's group, i forgot to update the blog, i forgot to announce the new releases in the other groups and social media and of course i didn't have time to see what others are doing, and lets not mention time to go shopping around for new hairs or skins or accessories for the ads...or even socialize, not even time to jump in the wagon of all the appliers market out there, i keep getting notecards asking for new appliers and when i get said brand of appliers and i start working on them, i get asked for another one or another one and trying to keep up with this i then realize, i'm already running late to do the items for the next event, so no time for appliers either buuh.

SL has become very hard to keep up, nowadays there is many ways to promote your creations, very different from when i joined SL, 9 years ago. Many designers are workaholics and they merchandise their brand in a very aggressive way and don't get me wrong, i don't mean aggressive in a bad way, i mean it in the way many RL brands manage their own brands as in being present in many events, sales rooms, hunts, monthly events, weekly events, new releases at their own stores, monthly gifts, charity events, many of this designers manage their own PR, they are in all the events i want to be in and the ones i didn't hear off, plus the exclusive-invite-only-ones too, you can find them in almost every blog out there, even in any social media and groups around (pinterest, flickr, facebook, twitter, etc) and some of them are even bloggers themselves and they even socialize with their customers and others designers *sighs* i wonder how they do really *takes hat off and bows to them*....but all of this just makes the rest of us designers step up our game too. It makes us push to bring more amazing, creative and better high quality content into the grid, you have to be active part of what SL has become, promote your brand and work with bloggers, be present in as many events you can manage, keep up to date your social media too but most importantly is to be the best you can be, and all this effort is for your customers. You are no one without them. So i want to thank all of the people that supports my store by spreading the word, by purchasing my items, by taking the time to cheer me up, to congrats me for some cool design i did, to ask about retired items, to ask me about appliers (and with that keeping me updated on what new thing is going on hehehe) or to spank me when i did wrong, to the bloggers that use my items as part of their blogs too, and help me with this promote my store, thank you.

I'm grateful for you, the people interested in supporting a spaz designer that feels really tired at times and forgets to send bloggers pack, update his blog and social media, send group notices to announce releases, or to answer notecards, but one that really wants to give all for his supporters. Thank you all for being part of this journey that has become my SL, it started as a game but has become my livelihood, and this is why so much effort put into all this. All those hours of stress and rush are worthy really, so ThAnk YoUUuu!! :)