Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cirque de Seraphim! Aspca charity event!

Last days for the Cirque de Seraphim, this is a charity i loved to be part so don't miss it, we all have stories to tell about family pets, friend's pets and so on. This is very near to my heart even if im not in the US and the charity is far away, all animals deserve a family that loves them, deserve food and home. Lets then help :)

I made some heels that feet Slink High Heels, they come in 8 colors to pick from and each has a controller HUD that gives you the option of 3 different metals for the spikes and 6 different prints for the shoes in the same color of your choice.

 For more info on the event and the charity find it here Cirque de Seraphim Blog

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