Friday, April 20, 2007

New Release!! ;D

Woot well i finally got myself to make pictures of this outfits..i really love how they look...the Bewitched Neko has a cute detailed top in paid with studs, pins and belts with a ragged corset in the shirt layer. Then a mesh long undershirt that you can use alone or combined. The flexi skirt is mod and is done with plaid and studs. The set has glitch pants and mesh stockings. I made 6 colors and a fat pack.

Then for us guys The Angel of Death, a set with pants and shirt with belts, studs and bondage rings; plus a set of flexi Wings studded and with bondage rings as well, to finish the look.

The Oscuritate Cloak is flexi and has this red stone as a pin. Then the trapped wrist bands, with little spikes and metalic bucklet.

Later i will post more stuffs cus i have tons more ;D bear with me for a little will ya ^^

Hope you all like them! off i go :)