Sunday, April 15, 2007

F*cking copy cats!

Ok this just sucks big time *GROWLS* searching the forums i found this....WTF? i mean....she had the face! to post it in the forums!!!...her quality sucks of course but still she asks 360 L for this OMFG! and she copied even the glitch on my skirt...i mean...the wrong prims i saw later after starting selling it ...she even copied them WTH??? really this makes me want to go slap someone really hard, this is the second time she decived me...bah she is not worth even mentioning her...but i want to get this out of my chest...really sucks!!! Cant you have enough brain to create your own stuffs??!!. I mean ok yeah copy the hat...ok well copy the skirt i didnt invent the prims! BUT YOU COPIED THE WHOLE THING?!?? and ya know i didnt invent the prims but clearly you can see that skirt...i came up with it!...geesh -.-