Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inlove or with your heart broken?....

Well i was in the mood to work with prims, i havent done a lot of prim things lately and i find it really relaxing, after all the witch hunting with the guy that stole my things and the result of it well...i needed a break from photoshop and big things. So well i made this choker, it has sculpted details. I find the mixing of those elements very many times we give our heart and when things dont go so well, we feel like the world is ending (LOL i know exagerated) or that your heart is in pain...but then there is other times where you feel your heart so full and big that it could exploit hehe so yeah a mix of feelings, a mix of situations and my way of how in some blunt elements its to be inlove or to have your heart broken, depends on what side you are.

Hope you like it, as much as i do :D