Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goth Rosaries arrive to Goth1c0 :o

Continuing with the prim work mood, i made this 2 rosaries...they come with 2 attachment options (chest and spine) so you can wear it with other necklaces or collars, i love to mix things and is a pain when you have to do the attaching part hehe, i know i hate it and it comes in 2 options too for guys and for gils.

One is with black bright big beads and a sculpted cross, is called "El Rosario de los Lamentos"

The other one is more into my culture, mexican...we mix religion and death..if you have seen the Dia de Muertos offerings, you know what i mean. This rosary is made with bone beads, sculpted skulls and other things. Same it comes in two attachment options and one for guys, one for girls. Make sure to pick the right one cus this are copy, transfer.