Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Gothic Lolitas? :o Super cute!!!

Hey guys i made some cute gothic lolitas with really bright colors, i love how this turned out. Check the pics. They have sculpted slveeves, sculpted neck and a huge ribbon on the back, a cute apron with a bag where it keeps the keys, a heart and a skull. The skirt is big and flexi with cute colorful details. I loved to make this one, so much that i ended up making it in more colors than the original idea i had hahaha lol. It has too, some cute undies and the price is amazing ;) Come check them out!

There is many more colors!! aint this super cute? i hope you like them as much as i do.

Keep tunned, SL is not working right now hah nothing new and i cant log in grrrr -.- but is perfect time to post here. This morning i got really scared cus someone went in my store and was using some kind of gadget, this person typed Goth1c0: access...and then get blk...cus they were wanting to buy one of the didnt work and they tried again...i got really scared, i contacted the guy at the end he explainned was some text gadget...gee, paranoid much? but you know after that guy copying my leather pants im more aware of all the cheating people is doing in SL. Bad enough cus i lose a lot of energy on that. But well...lets go back to the release...isnt it cute? Hope you like it.