Wednesday, March 4, 2009

*waves from under tons of drawings*

Hey all, so well i have been working on a lot of things, sometimes i feel like i do a lot but never seems enough...if you get what i meant. I rebuilt the store again cus i wanted to do a landing area and separate where the gift cards are now and the general info of the store, promotionals and the new items too, the idea was to have more order and make it easier to browse for everybody...dunno if i got it hehe. Im implementing a new gift cards system cus with the old system i was having a lot of problems. Soon it will be finished cus i have to add the scripts to all the vendors and ugh is time consuming i tell ya. Well into the releases now.

I have been getting a lot of IMs asking me when i will make the infernata boots in other colors. I made them in 6 colors and im still missed one color...duh me! Ok here some pics for them. Im not too sure of the green color but for now it will be there.

The red ones:

The white ones:

Then i worked on some collars, they are ready but im missing the pictures hehe, so you will have to wait a bit to see them.

Since long ago i have been wanting to make a j-rock outfit, i know i have done something similar to this style in the past but this time i wanted it more edgy to that style. So here it is, called the Nemesis with sculpted details, belts, metal pins and vynil texture. I love this outfit, i havent changed since i took the pics lol one of my favorites.

I made a gasmask to match this outfit, same as the nemesis it has belts and pins and metallic details and since i loved this one im thinking im going to make more hah i dunno yet :P for now i hope you all like it. I called it "The silent Mask"

I got more stuffs to release, im still working on the off i go and see you soon

Kei ;D