Monday, November 9, 2009

Sexy, Sweet...and daring! new @ Goth1c0

Hellooo everybody, i got a release today woooo is not as i planned it but here it is...

First i made an EGL, it was for a hunt but i got requested to put it up for sale cus a lot of people skipped it so here it is, it has a tooon of details, i love really how it looks, its simple but yet sweet hence the name.

Next i have nipple bandaids, yeeees i made nipple tapes and they got decorations on them wooooo little skulls in different colors. Hope you like ;)

Now i got same nipple bandiads but in plaid texture OMG dont you love them? they come in 6 colors so mix-match with whatever you want and enjoy :D

Now my favorite of all of themthe bitch, sexy and daring!! Nuff said ;D

Now my version of the saint pants in zebra fabric...i made it in several colors so come check them at the store.

Finally i made a wall with discounted items, they are all at 50L some of my old items.

Come by the store to check all this out
Luv Kei