Wednesday, November 25, 2009

50 L wall and RL rant

So i took a pic of my 50 L wall, the items there will rotate so if you want some of them now is the time to get them for only 50L.

Here is the said picture of the wall.

Into other things, i dont usually rant about RL or SL...i stopped doing it quiet a long time, i dont even blog that much, i know im a bad blogger and im sure noone reads this but ok here is my rant. The economy in SL is going to the sink, at least for me it is, the reason is the world crisis or the amount of designers in SL or whatever. Well thing is SL is my RL income and right now im barely making it, last year i had a surgery and since i dont have medical insurance of any kind i had to pay that from my own pocket but since i couldnt afford to pay all i used 2 credit cards to cover the rest i coulnt pay with cash, well one year and 5 months later im still paying those bills and they are eating me up. I hate the fact that im just working to pay for that, no more buying cool things for Keishii, no more upgrading my computer or even getting it fixed =.=' the damn CD/DVD reader stopped working long ago and so the track pad so now i use my MBP with an optical mouse and i had to get used to work with a mouse, do things in SL with the mouse and draw and all in photoshop with said mouse. Easy task you might say but no, my brain took quiet a bit to get used and to stop wanting to click on the trackpad of my MBP. back to the billing and paying, im starting to have panic attacks almost daily, thinking i will not be able to pay for what i owe to the bank and is not funny cus they get increased by the fact that i suffer from depression and im not getting any medical treatment...ya know, i have enuff paying for the surgery bills right now to add the other thing. What i used to do to stop the panic attacks stopped working meh...any ideas what new thing i could do?. Cus i ran out of them.

I'm wondering what i can do to increase my sales to get rid finally of those bills, they are eating me up and im so tired of it cus its drainning all my energy off and i need that energy to keep creating things. I feel like all my creativity ran out of the window all scared of me :c . If anyone is reading this...and want to help me, i need suggestions on what to make or what im missing to do to get back on track. My brain seriously stopped working, im sure of that. Erm and thats all my rant for now, i dont like to rant about my RL bleh. Hope getting this out of my chest will help me somehow to find my way again. Sorry to drop this here...needed to tho.