Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kissmuss 2009 event wooooo!!!

So i forgot to post about this (-.-) i know, i know *nods and crosses his arms* Keishii Roo baka, bleh *sighs* ok I'm part of the Kissmuss 2009 event, its a shopping tour where selected stores are participating, every designer in the event made an item..clothes, shoes, skins, whatever they wanted to create as a special item for this event, the item is transfer so you can give them as gifts and the price for the items is 100L, you can start at any point cus you get a folder with the LMs and a printed guide. The idea of the guys that organized this was to give to their customers nice things so they would be able to have xmas gifts for their special people in SL too, isnt it a genius idea? i think it is, so im part of it. Many of this stores have gifts aside of the item they created for this event and there is super cool things so dont miss it!!!

So onto what i made...i made pants, yes!!...raver pants with sculpted legs, stitches all around and lots of details and they come in lots of colors. They are 100 L and they are transfer so you can give them as gifts too, i hope you like them cus i loved this ones hehehe. Happy holidays people!!! :D