Friday, May 21, 2010

Dare to walk around SL looking this hot?

I made this outfit following another trend, hehe yes i know lately im doing that a lot, but this are trends i like a lot. This one has to do with leather and sheer fabrics. So many singers are using on their videos or concerts this kind of fabric mix and i think it looks so femenine, sexy and hot...and not innocent at all of course.

The skirt is tall waist with a panel of black leather on the front with metallic pins that forms a triangle, it has on the sides sheer fabric so you can see the underwear too, then on the back is completely transparent, only black sheer fabric. Then i made a leather bra with lace and another open bra that complements it, you can wear them together or separated, showing or not your boobs. See i told you, is not an innocent looking outfit, it comes with stockings and a little leather black thong, it comes in all layers so if you wear both layers of the skirt the sheer part turns to be not so transparent, just a tip hehe....dare to walk looking this hot? Sticky and sweet is for you then.

You can buy this outfit in SLstreet too: Sticky and Sweet

For guys i made this plaid pants with tons of details...zippers, metallic pins, bondage rings, you name it...they come too in all the layers possible and they got sculpted leg cuffs. Mix it with your fav jacket, or your punky tee...the detail on this pants is amazing. I love them :D they can be unisex too as the waist is kinda low.

Available in Slstreet too: Nightmare plaid pants

Next i made some tees for guys, black tees that come in all the layers possible and they have sculpted sleeve cuffs.

Available in Slstreet too.