Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dark Wishes comes true at Goth1c0

I worked a lot but i turn all lazy when it comes to take pics in world, specially cus now i bought this photo-studio thing where i can control the intensity of lights and colors and tons of more options and i thought it was going to be super fun and faster to my old method, but turned to be quiet a hassle cus i'm not used to it yet, so im fighting intensity lights, settings, backgrounds and all, i hate when the pictures gets somehow deformed from the original image and then the colors look different and so on. But ok enuff chatty here the new things! :D

Have you hear the....underwear as outwear thing that is going on around? well this is my contribution to it woooo!!!

Dark Desires corset

I made this corset/dress/outfit cus i had in mind this image i saw of a long corset that turned into a dress but not fully a dress, erm something like that hehe...ok so well with this in mind i designed this one, with brocade texture on the boobs part, long string cords on the back and gathers with black stockings, it comes with a black string too, super cute btw with ribbons. Metallic details of course and different colors to pick from.

It is in my opinion, sexy and hot. Comes in all layers possible and i included the styling card too.

The exXposed girl outfit is set in store now after the Alternative Fair is over, i hope you all enjoyed it and thank you for your support!! Here some pics of it so you can see it.

I put this one in the MobVendor and if you get enough people in the store the price will drop quiet a bit so dont miss it!!