Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leather, rips and studs...

So this week was kinda not so good, had to rebuild the store cus i got it sent it back...long story blegh. But on the good news is, i used this to change the building just a bit and move things around. And my new release is out too.

I got asked to make the girls version of this 2 outfits i made the past week for the guys. So here they are. Now you can dress alike with your guy hehehe. The Ripped Heart outfit with low waist grungy jeans and ripped tank top. Comes in all layers and has sculpted leg cuffs.

Available in Xstreet too here

The Cocodrilo Dundeee jacket too, but the girls get an extra version of this one, the short version so you can wear it and show your tummy if you want. It comes in every layer possible, sculpted neck, sculpted cuffs, sculpted shoulder pads with or without studs.

Available in Xstreet here

Leather pants with stitches, this new version of leather pants is more detailed than the previous ones i have made and comes with sculpted leg cuffs. Sexy, hot...realistic leather pants.

In Xstreet here

And i made some gloves in different colors, leather ones too. They come in 8 color package. You can mix and match it with whatever you want.

Here if you want to buy in Xstreet

And this week i kept the special offer of this dress in Xstreet, half priced so dont miss it. Sexy dress in purple comes in all layers possible so you can leave it transparent and show your belly or wear all the layers and make it less transparent :D

Here is the link to Xstreet