Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Leather OMG :O!

I sorry for being quiet the past 2 weeks, i had so much going on, first i went to Six flags and got my neck and back very bad hurt in one of the rollercoasters T_T bwaaaa but im back and im ok YAY!!

And after struggling and fighting with SL, i finally got done some super cute dresses, since some time ago i wanted to create a super cute, leatherish dress, so here it is, the Leather Doll dress, it has so many pieces you are able to create many outfits from just this one, or mix it with other of your clothes so you can get many looks, as many as your imagination can come up with. The dress has 21 pieces, comes in 13 colors, and has very sexy ad-ons like garters, thong, socks, tall waist belts, sheer shirt, flexi skirt and so on, check the pics so you can see all of it.

This just some of the pics of the dresses there is more colores.

I made my first flexi prim skirt, it has a little cute sculpted skull, sculpted chain links, belt and leather texture too, it has a resizing script that helps to make the fitting easier. Plus in the package you get some kawaii undies that fits the skirt and cover your bits hehe xD

You can get them in Xstreet too, sorry for not giving individual links but here is the link for all my products.

I restocked the lucky chair and you get a special color in my mobVendor, so stop by the store and check it out. TP to the store in world

If you have pictures wearing some of Goth1c0's clothes or accesories, pls share them with me in my flickr group, i always forget to promote it, im a spaz e.e!
Goth1c0's Flickr group

keep tuned i got more under my sleeve ;D