Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And is time for some Twisted gifts!!!

Ooooh hi there! you thought i was gone? not yet neeenheee...struggling with some stuffs here but i'm still alive. My computer decided to burn down, so i'm using an old one and i can tell you it sucks big time, but enough rant. I got news, few for now cus of what i said before but non the less very YAYness ones so lets move onto them...

The famous Twisted Hunt is back, I'm of course part of it so don't miss it!! OMG...here is some info about it: It starts today at midnight and ends at the end of the month. It runs through a lot of amazing stores, some new to the hunt, some old ones like me. Check the blog for the Twisted Hunt for more info and the list of stores participating.

I got an amazing gift out, i looove it i called it Darkling and is this sweet grey skin, with matching sculpted ears and purplish-red eyes, all new. Don't you just love how it looks? I will be posting the styling card of it in my flickr and later in the blog too.

I missed other events i was going to be part of, like the official openning of Club Industry District and other hunts, meh you don't know how much i hated this. I'm back tho, half back...but here, if you contacted me in the past days pls contact me again or Ania Svarog, my inventory doesn't load completely since my puter is old and gags with it (time for a cleaning i think, 5 years of inventory is passing me the bill too) Well people i hope you enjoy the hunt and aaah i will be having special offers during it. Good luck and best wishes :D muaaah!