Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flirty Cotton tees & more

New release at the store, sided collar cotton tees with sculpted lower part, flirty and sexy. They come in many colors, perfect to match skirts, pants or jeans...i love them! The t-shirt comes in all layers possible. (Only one shirt in the pack, the tank is not included)

I want to thank all the people that contacted me to congratulate us for turning 6 yo in SL and thanks to all that joinned us while the sale lasted! hehe i hope you got nice deals and well if you're part of the lucky ones that found the items at 10L price that were spread around the store YAY!!! After the sale was done, i moved a lot of things in the store cus im changing the image of Goth1c0 a you can see even the blog changed hehe :D so...stay tunned, more changes items, new outfits!!